63 Most Genius Things On Amazon Under $1

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Why drop a fortune on everyday items that you need for around the house when you can find absolutely genius things on Amazon for under $1? It seems like a no-brainer.

Whether you're shopping for cool devices that can make cleaning your microwave so much easier or you're looking to upgrade your storage game, the online retailer is the perfect place to go if you're looking for cheap AF items that are actually pretty practical. Since reviewers on Amazon also tend to be some of the most brutally honest and passionate ones around, you can use that feedback to figure out which stuff under $1 is worth coughing up the cash for and which items you might as well just skip over.

It might seem impossible, but you could end up saving hundreds of dollars (seriously) on things you'd need around your home anyway. From sponge holders to kitchen utensils and so much more, this slideshow is filled with the best and most innovative products under $1 available on the site now. The best part about it? If you love a few things you find through this, you don't have to wait until a rainy day to buy them. You can afford to stock up and splurge today.

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