20 Useful AF Products On Amazon For Under $1

When I go to the dollar store, I'm not usually picking up a ton of useful items. Sure, it's fun to buy candy or holiday decorations, but wouldn't you rather get something useful for your hard earned dollar? You can, and it’s on the internet — there are lots of Amazon products for less than a dollar that make great staples in your everyday routine.

Maybe you want a super saturated gel eyeliner or an excellent contour brush? You won’t need to break the bank, since Amazon has them for 99 cents or less. Plus, you can get a funny looking but surprisingly awesome makeup sponge brush for an additional Washington. These products take care of most of your makeup needs for less than an order of fries.

But Amazon’s super affordable products don’t end with beauty deals. There are items to make your kitchen more efficient, like a set of infusers so you can enjoy loose-leaf tea, or a waterproof lunch bag that looks like a cute purse.

There’s no need to splash out tons of cash just to get something useful. Check out these amazing finds and revel in the fact that a dollar can still go a long way.

This Gel Eyeliner That Doesn't Smudge

Laimeng Gel Eyeliner Cream with Brush, $0.55, Amazon

This cream eyeliner won't budge. You get a lightly shimmering black gel liner and pointed brush for great application. Plus, it's waterproof and won't come off till you bust out the makeup remover.

This Duster For All The Small Spaces

Kemilove Mini Duster, $0.54, Amazon

Get all the dust out of your blinds, vents, or keyboard with this mini duster. One side is covered in microfiber cloth to pick everything up, while the other end features a brush to take care of any stray hairs or crumbs.

This Egg Separator That Gives You Perfect Egg Whites

Mikey Store Egg White Separator, $0.85, Amazon

This one-step egg separator gives you perfect egg whites without getting your hands dirty. The food-grade resin separator sits at the edge of your bowl, you crack the egg in, and the whites and yolks are perfectly separated.

This Tray That Makes Fancy Ice Spheres

Kemilove Sphere Ice Cube Tray, $0.85, Amazon

Ice spheres are better than ice cubes for cooling your drinks without watering them down and this tray makes perfect circular ice. Your drinks will stay cool and look extra fancy.

This Pencil Case That's Also Adorable

Start Double Zipper Pencil Case, $0.35, Amazon

Carry around your pencils, makeup, or anything else with this adorable case. You get two zippered pockets to hold all your small items, so it's as practical as it is cute.

This Silicone Mat That Makes Cleaning Easy

Geniuskids Non-Stick Silicone Baking Sheet, $1, Amazon

This silicone mat is a kitchen lifesaver. The heat resistant silicone keeps your baking pans clean and anything cooked on the mat slides off with ease. It'll really up your cookie game and make the clean up a breeze.

This Mini Funnel That Collapses

ABEE Mini Silicone Collapsible Funnel, $0.99, Amazon

Fill all your little bottles easily with this collapsible silicone funnel. The funnel expands to give you the space you need to pour without spills and the silicone is incredibly easy to wash. Once you've fulfilled your funnel needs, it collapses flat, so you can store it anywhere.

This Makeup Sponge That's Also A Brush

Beautyvan Makeup Brush, $0.99, Amazon

If you have trouble keeping hold of your blending sponge, then this brush/sponge combo might be your new favorite thing. The handle gives you a good grip, while the Beauty Blender-esque sponge provides the smooth coverage you love.

This Eyebrow Brush That Does It All

Hosaire Makeup Double Eye Brush, $0.77, Amazon

All your brow needs are taken care of with this double-sided brush. The small angled brush applies gel or powder to your brows for a perfect shape, while the spoolie end helps you tame any wild hairs and smooth everything out.

These Infusers For Fancy Tea

Hosaire Stainless Steel Tea Infuser, $0.25 (2 Piece), Amazon

If you love tea, you have to get these stainless steel infusers. The hook at the end of the chain lets you hang the infuser from your cup, so you won't ever have to fish it out of your drink. Plus, you get two infusers for just over a quarter.

This Caddy That Organizes Your Sink

Kemilove Kitchen Sink Sponge Caddy, $0.94, Amazon

Keep your sink in order with this caddy. The tray allows sponges to drain properly, which keeps mold and bacteria away. So, you not only get an organized sink, but you also get longer-lasting, hygienic sponges.

This Water Bottle That Never Leaks

Bonison Sports Titan Water Bottle, $0.99, Amazon

This recycled, BPA-free water bottle is unbreakable. With a 19 ounce capacity and a no-leak lid with straw, this bottle is great for travel.

This Bottle Opener That Looks Like A Pineapple

Kemilove Pineapple Shape Bottle Opener, $0.99, Amazon

This is the cutest bottle opener ever! This pineapple shaped bottle opener is made from an alloy so it'll open all your bottles and never break.

These Spray Bottles That Are Perfect For Traveling

Coco Blvd 2 Oz Spray Bottles, $0.99 (10 Piece), Amazon

Carry all your favorite liquids with you on your next vacation with these spray bottles. They'll hold some extra hairspray or homemade cleaning solution, all in a travel-friendly bottle. Plus, you get ten for 99 cents, which is a deal you really can't beat.

This Bag For Washing Your Delicates

IEason Lingerie Laundry Bag, $0.01, Amazon

Increase the lifespan of your bra with this lingerie bag. Put your delicates in this mesh bag, then pop them into the wash and you'll get clean lingerie that isn't damaged by the washing machine's harsh cycles. Plus, the zippered bag can double as storage.

This Lunch Bag That Looks Like A Purse

IEason Waterproof Insulated Lunch Bag, $0.01, Amazon

It may look like a regular purse, but actually it's an insulated lunch bag! It definitely makes your lunch look fancy, plus it's totally waterproof in case your juice box spills.

This Silicone Bottle With Brush Attached

Two Years Oil Brush With Bottle, $0.99, Amazon

Lightly brushing oil over meat or vegetables is super easy with this bottle. It's made from silicone so it won't absorb any oil, and the brush lets you cover more of your food while using less.

This Super Cute Box That Eliminates Clutter

Vi.yo Desktop Cloth Storage Bin, $0.64, Amazon

This adorable cloth storage bin gives all the little items floating around your desk a home. The size is big enough to hold quite a lot, and it's perfect to keep at your desk.

This Tiny Fan You Can Take Anywhere

Han Shi Handheld Mini Fan, $0.01, Amazon

If you're stuck on the subway without air or just need a little extra breeze, this fan will come to the rescue. The battery powered fan gives a blast of cool air and it's small enough to carry in your purse. Plus, it only costs a penny!

This Brush That Makes Contouring Easy

Wet n Wild Contour Brush, $0.99, Amazon

Get that Kardashian contour in seconds with this fantastic brush. The angle allows you to contour easily while the bristles themselves are super soft. If you've been looking for an angled brush, this is definitely the best deal you'll find.

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