63 Most Popular New Inventions On Amazon That Are Legit Brilliant

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It's an occupational hazard of the job I do for you, dear readers: While I'm reviewing products on the daily, going through items like these 63 popular new inventions on Amazon, I usually find a ton of stuff that I personally can't live without. Seriously, at least half of what I write about is so awesome that if I don't have it already, I can't press "Add to Cart" fast enough, totally a victim of my own hype.

The fact that I know the delivery guys all too well is definitely not a good thing for my bank account. It's a great thing for you, though, because my family and I test many of these items. Everyone I'm related to, from ex-husband to my dog, has gotten stuff from my column. There's this multi-tool that I gave my sons for Christmas, this reusable food storage bag that I bought multiples of in a quest to move toward zero waste in the New Year. Some weeks I write purely as a public service, funding my Amazon habit so I can give you my opinion on all manner of foot massagers, acne-healing lights, and electric water flossers.

It's okay, you can thank me later. Right now, you have to read about this genius device that will cool down your soda in Just. One. Minute. Oooooooh. Where's my debit card?

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