65 Popular Things Under $25 On Amazon That Are Cool As Hell


No matter how well you know somebody, choosing the perfect gift for them isn't always the easiest endeavor. Sure I've known my dad for 25 years, but I still have no idea what to get him when it comes to Christmas and birthdays — and while I could sit here and brainstorm for a few hours, it's definitely easier (and significantly less time-consuming) to just peruse the thousands of shockingly useful products on Amazon that are available at equally-shockingly low prices.

But even if you're not struggling for ideas, it can't hurt to take a peek at this selection of utterly brilliant Amazon products priced at less than $25. Personally, I never would've thought to buy myself shot glasses made from real Himalayan pink salt, but now that I've seen them, I can't resist but to snag a set. And who can resist incredibly useful items like a handheld luggage scale or a cooking pot designed for pasta?

Whether you're shopping for someone or just perusing for yourself, Amazon has got the deals that even the pickiest consumer can't resist.

1. A Set Of Shot Glasses Made From Real Himalayan Pink Salt

Not only do they add a nice salty flavor to your shots, but the Deco Himalayan salt shot glasses are also naturally bacteria-resistant since the salt inhibits any contaminants from latching on and growing. Perfect for any tequila lover, cleaning these glasses is easy since all you have to do is wipe them out with a damp cloth.

2. The Dimmable Lamp Designed To Look Like The Moon

Brightworld Moon Lamp, $23, Amazon

Whether you're looking to set a relaxing ambience or in need of a fun night light, this moon lamp is right up your alley. This lamp comes with a rechargeable battery runs for up to 24 hours off of one full charge. Each lamp comes with its own wooden base, and weighs less than a pound.


3. An Essential Oil Diffuser That Doesn't Require Any Batteries Or Electricity

Easy_Company Cactus Essential Oil Diffuser, $21, Amazon

Since it doesn't require any electricity or batteries to operate, this cactus essential oil diffuser is great for desks or tabletops where no outlet is easily accessible. Able to hold up to 60 milliliters, this diffuser works perfectly in smaller rooms (or even your car) and is made from ceramic.


4. The Silicone Oven Gloves That Let You Use Your Individual Fingers

KMN Home Oven Mitt Gloves, $19, Amazon

Whereas oven mitts restrict your fingers, the KMN Home oven gloves let you use all five of your fingers when handling hot items, giving you better dexterity and flexibility. Made from 100 percent food-grade silicone that's heat-resistant, these oven gloves are stain-resistant, and their specialized grip design holds your hot items away from your hands for added safety.


5. An LED Desk Lamp With A Flexible Neck That Twists And Bends

iEGrow LED Desk Lamp, $14, Amazon

Not only will the LED bulbs in the iEGrow LED desk lamp last for up to 50,000 hours, but the lithium battery is also rechargeable and will run for up to 15 hours on the dimmest setting, 10 hours on medium, and five hours on the brightest. Unlike other desk lamps, this one has a built-in pencil holder, and the flexible neck allows you to adjust the height and angle so you get the perfect lighting no matter what you're doing.


6. The Facial Scrub Brush With Five Interchangeable Heads

With five different interchangeable brush heads included in every box, this affordable facial brush is great for even sensitive skin. There's even a pumice head for callused elbows and feet.

7. A Cold Face Mask That Helps Reduce Puffiness And Dark Circles

Perfecore Face Eye Mask, $18, Amazon

Unlike other masks this one has a soft backing that feels comfortable when pressed against your skin. It can be used hot and cold and is great for headaches or even fevers.


8. The Handy Tool That Makes Mincing And Chopping Garlic Easy

Instead of getting that pervasive garlic smell all over your hands, try this garlic press to mince and slice your garlic with hardly any mess. All you have to do is place your clove on the platform and then press down for it to be completely chopped and ready to use in your cooking.

9. An Electric Facial Hair Remover That's Completely Painless

For anyone who plucks their facial hair, this little gadget could be a life-changer. The blades in this hair remover don't come into direct contact with your skin so that there's no pulling or damage to your pores. Plus, the secure cap makes it great for taking with you on the go.

10. The Set Of Chef Knives Made From Durable Stainless Steel

Home Hero Chef Knife Set, $20, Amazon

Not only does it come with its own chic acrylic stand, but the Home Hero chef knife set also features seven knives made from super-durable stainless steel: one chef knife, one carving knife, a bread knife, one utility knife, and a paring knife. Unlike other knife sets, this one also comes with a sharpener that allows for both fine and coarse sharpening.


11. A Vegan Lip Scrub Made From 100 Percent Natural Coconut Sugar

Handmade Heroes Vegan Coconut Lip Scrub, $9, Amazon

Made without any parabens, artificial preservatives, or synthetic chemicals, the Handmade Heroes vegan coconut lip scrub is made from 100 percent natural coconut sugar and is completely vegan. Great for exfoliating away unwanted dead skin from your lips, this scrub goes the extra mile to also help to moisturize your pout with the added avocado, jojoba, and sweet almond oils.


12. The Vegetable Brush Ergonomically Designed To Fit In Your Palm

Chef'n Vegetable Brush, $8, Amazon

With its durable nylon bristles that contour to the shape of your fruits and vegetables, the Chef'n vegetable brush scrubs even the dirtiest produce clean.Plus, the smart ergonomic design allows it to fit comfortably and securely in the palm of your hand as you scrub.


13. A Luggage Scale Made From Durable Stainless Steel

Tarriss Travel Gear Digital Luggage Scale, $15, Amazon

Unlike other scales, the Tarriss Travel Gear digital luggage scale is made from durable stainless steel and requires zero batteries, as its lithium battery has a super-long operating life that doesn't require recharging. Able to hold up to 110 pounds, this handheld scale is compact so that you can easily take it with you while you travel to ensure your luggage is always within any airline's weight limits.


14. The Acne Treatment That Uses Light To Target Breakouts

ULELALUX Portable Acne Wand, $18, Amazon

The futuristic-looking acne spot treatment uses blue light therapy to target breakouts without irritating your skin. The blue light targets the bacteria that causes acne — and because it's safe for all skin types, even people with sensitive skin can use this treatment!


15. An Egg Cooker That Can Hard Boil, Poach, And Even Scramble Your Eggs

DASH Rapid Egg Cooker, $16, Amazon

Whether you're trying to poach, hard boil, scramble, or make an omelet with your eggs, the DASH rapid egg cooker does all the work for you. Plus, the automatic shut-off function keeps your eggs from overcooking, and the compact design (weighing in at less than 1 pound) makes it great for dorm rooms, small kitchens, or even offices. It's able to boil up to six eggs at once (or poach two) and it comes with a recipe book, too.


16. This Handy Tray Reduces The Time It Takes For Your Food To Defrost

ThawMax Rapid Defrosting Tray, $21, Amazon

Few things are worse than coming home to cook and realizing all your meat is frozen. But that's when this food defrosting tray comes to the rescue. This tray is made from aluminum that helps rapidly defrost your meats. But its not just for meat — you can also thaw vegetables, fruits, or practically any other frozen food.


17. A Handy Tool That Lets You Scoop Out Your Citrus In Seconds

This citrus knife makes eating grapefruit way easier and eliminates the mess from separating the pulp from the skin. It's incredibly simple to use — just insert the curved blade, cut out your section with the serrated knife, lift out your grapefruit, and enjoy!

18. The Protective Case For Your AirPods Made From Durable Silicone

AHASTYLE AirPod Case, $11, Amazon

Not only will the clip on the AHASTYLE AirPod case help you keep track of where your headphones are, but the premium silicone design is 1.3 millimeters thick and ensures that your AirPods are protected from any accidental damage. This case also prevents any dust from gathering inside your AirPod's wiring, and the built-in charging port means you can charge them while they're still safely protected inside.

Note: AirPods and charging case sold separately.


19. A Tool That Splits, Pits, And Slices Your Avocados

OXO Avocado Slicer, $10, Amazon

Instead of dirtying up multiple utensils to prepare an avocado, try the OXO avocado slicer. This handy tool splits, pits, and slices your avocados into seven uniform pieces, and the non-slip grip ensures that it remains firmly in your hand no matter how hard you twist the pit (which shouldn't even be that hard, as the stainless steel blade makes it incredibly easy.)


20. The Set Of Mini Spatulas That Fit Into Narrow Bottles So You Get Every Last Drop

Spatty Spatula Toolset, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're trying to get the last bit of ketchup, concealer, or salad dressing, the Spatty spatula toolset will fit into almost any bottle with a narrow opening. Plus, unlike traditional rubber spatulas these are flexible so that you can reach awkward corners, and each set comes with two: one that's 6 inches long, and a second that's a full 12 inches.


21. A Lap Desk With A Built-In Cord Management Sleeve

Honey-Can-Do Lap Desk, $18, Amazon

Not only can you remove the comfort pad in the Honey-Can-Do lap desk, but there's even a built-in sleeve that you can run your cables through to prevent them from becoming tangled or damaged. The handle makes it easy to carry this desk from room to room, and since it's 23 inches wide you can be sure that it's large enough to fit most laptops.


22. The Inflatable Travel Pillow Made For Your Feet And Legs

Whereas most travel pillows are intended for your neck, this inflatable travel pillow is designed to be used for your legs and feet, and since it is inflatable you can easily adjust its height for a more customized fit. Great for improving the circulation in your legs, this pillow is incredibly soft and can be blown up manually.

23. A Clip-On Strainer That Can Attach To Practically Any Pot

Kitchen Gizmo Snap 'N Strain Strainer, $16, Amazon

Able to fit nearly any round pot, pan, or bowl, the Kitchen Gizmo snap n' strain strainer has a significantly smaller footprint than a full strainer, which helps you save space in cramped kitchens. Not only is it completely BPA-free, but this strainer is also made from top-quality silicone that's incredibly durable and can withstand the weight from heavier produce like potatoes.


24. The Set Of Makeup Brushes Great For Beginners & Pros Alike

Duorime Oval Makeup Brush 7-Piece Set, $9, Amazon

With seven different brushes that can be used on your face, lips, brow, cheeks, and practically anywhere else on your face, the bristles used in the oval makeup brush set feel incredibly soft against your skin and are great with both powder and liquid makeup.


25. A Personal Fan With Two Speeds And A Convenient Swivel Base

Not only is the sleek finish a great addition to any existing decor, but the Vornado personal fan also has a manual swivel base that makes it easy to adjust its airflow to the best angle for you. Unlike other personal fans, this one has two speeds to choose from so you're not left feeling too hot or too cold, and the fan head can also fold down when not in use for easy storage.

26. The Scented Candle With Notes Of Cedarwood, Thyme, And Basil

Paddywax Candles Library Collection Scented Candle, $21, Amazon

Hand-poured in the United States, the Paddywax Candles library collection scented candle comes in a cloth-covered box with foil stamped labels, making it a great gift for any candle lover. The cedarwood, thyme, and basil notes in this candle give a homey feel to any room, and since it's made from soy instead of paraffin this candle is also non-toxic.


27. A Foot Scrubber With Built-In Pumice Stone

This foot scrubber uses strong suction cups to adhere to the floor of your shower or the walls of your tub so you don't have to bend down to get a thorough clean. Unlike other scrubbers this one has a pumice stone at the heel, so it’s like getting a spa-level pedicure every time you take a shower.

28. The Hydrating Hair Mask That Uses Shea Butter To Repair Damage

TONYMOLY Mayo Hair Mask, $16, Amazon

Made with shea butter and egg yolk extract, the TONYMOLY mayo hair mask is a great way to bring shine and moisture to dry, damaged hair. And despite the name, it smells like a blend of vanilla and macadamia nuts — not mayonnaise. Many Amazon reviewer noted how it's a great hydrating treatment for the price, and one even raved that "it doesn't weigh my hair down at all!"


29. A Brush That Straightens Your Hair While Reducing Frizz

Able to heat up to anywhere between 250 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit, this hair straightener brush uses ceramic plates to create negative ions that prevent static and reduce frizz in your locks. The automatic shut-off feature ensures that you won't accidentally leave this brush running when you're done, and the swivel power cord means you can use this brush at any angle without getting wrapped up in it.

30. The Aromatherapy Mist That Doubles As A Perfume

Made with 100% pure lavender and lavandin essential oils, this ASUTRA premium aromatherapy mist is a great, non-toxic way to de-stress after a long day. Unlike other aromatherapy mists, the simple ingredients make this safe for your skin, so you can use it as a body mist. This mist is free of synthetic colors or fragrances and also paraben- and petroleum-free.

31. An Eye Pillow Filled With Natural Aromatherapy Herbs To Help Relieve Stress

Eye Pillow Vacation Flax Seed Eye Pillow, $15, Amazon

Unlike traditional eye pillows, the Eye Pillow Vacation flax seed eye pillow is not only filled with organic flax seeds, they've also added lavender to help relieve stress after a long day. You can store this pillow in the freezer so that it'll reduce swelling and headaches while you wear it, and since it contours across your face it also blocks out all light, making it great for sleeping.


32. These Twist Ties With Super-Strong Magnets Built Into Them

Smart&Cool Silicone Magnetic Cable Ties, $16 (12-Pack), Amazon

Not only are they made with durable silicone that won't fray over time, but these magnetic cable ties also have a built-in high-grade magnet that makes organizing your cables a breeze. Each order comes with 12 ties in six colors to keep things organized.


33. An Adjustable Bamboo Stand For Your Cookbooks And Tablets

Whether you're cooking in the kitchen or working in an office, this bamboo book stand will hold your belongings upright so that they're easy to read while you work. This eco-friendly bamboo stand has five different positions, so you can adjust it to your comfort level, while the arms in the front hold your cookbook, papers, or tablet firmly in place.

34. The Treatment That Uses Vitamin E And Shea Butter To Repair Your Hair

Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment, $16, Amazon

Fortified with soy proteins, vitamin E, and shea butter to help repair damaged hair, the Tea Tree hair and scalp treatment takes it one step further by adding willow bark to soothe any irritated skin so that your scalp is left feeling refreshed and healthy. Great for itchy or dry scalps, many Amazon reviewers noted that the scent is "nice" and "not too strong."


35. A Set Of Utensils Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Keklle Bamboo Cutlery Set, $13, Amazon

Instead of using wasteful plastic utensils, bring the Keklle bamboo cutlery set with you the next time you go out to eat. Made from eco-friendly bamboo that's 100 percent natural as well as BPA-free, this set comes with its own lightweight jute pouch that makes it easy to take with you no matter where you go. And unlike other utensils, these ones are compostable and dishwasher safe.


36. This 32GB Flash Drive That's Waterproof & Shockproof

Samsung BAR Plus 32GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive, $9, Amazon

Back up your documents or have your key files at hand with this 32GB flash drive that's super sleek. It also has fast 200 MB/s transfers and is in a water-, shock-, magnet-, and temperature-proof case. Choose between silver and gray.


37. A Party Game That's Unique With Every Play-Through

Disturbed Friends Party Game, $25, Amazon

With 250 questions and 100 varying cards, the Disturbed Friends party game can be played by up to 10 people, with no two games ever coming close to being the same. Players vote on what they think their friends would do in terrible situations, and many Amazon reviewers noted that if you like Cards Against Humanity, "you have the correct humor for this game...there is literally no filter."


38. This Gadget That Makes Waffle Bowls Like An Ice Cream Parlor

Make your own decadent ice cream sundaes at home with this mini waffle bowl maker. Just add in your favorite waffle batter, shut the lid, and cook for a fun family activity. This waffle bowl maker comes with a recipe booklet and can also be used to crisp up tortillas to make edible bowls for taco salads.

39. A Luxurious Beauty Oil That Hydrates

Whether your skin is oily, dry, or a combination of the two, the Burt’s Bees facial oil is a great way to hydrate and plump up your skin so that you're left with a refreshed complexion. Not only is this oil so effective that you don't need to apply a moisturizer on top of it, but it also absorbs into your skin quickly and is light enough that it won't clog your pores!

40. The Exfoliating Facial Cubes Made From Jojoba Oil And Ginger

Ethique Face Scrub Cubes, $17, Amazon

Each package of the Ethique face scrub cubes comes with 16 cubes that you can use to exfoliate away dead skin cells, and since they're made with natural brown sugar, ginger, and cinnamon they're also safe for all skin types. Cruelty-free as well as vegan, these cubes are TSA-approved since there's no liquid in them (a great way to refresh in an airport bathroom after a long flight), and even cleanse your skin as well as exfoliate so you don't need multiple products to achieve the same effect.


41. This Clever Pot With A Straining Lid

This genius pot isn’t your everyday stainless steel saucepan — it comes with a straining lid, so there’s no need for a colander. This versatile saucepan is dishwasher-safe, making clean-up after dinner a breeze.

42. The Hairbrush That Makes Cleaning Out The Bristles Simple

Be In Beauty Quik-Clean Brush, $25, Amazon

Whereas traditional brushes require you to rake over the bristles with a comb to get rid of all the loose hair, the Be In Beauty Quik-Clean Brush has a button that retracts the bristles so cleaning it out becomes effortless. This brush is made from a combination of rust-resistant stainless steel as well as super-strong nylon, and the smoked silver plating is both water-resistant as well as shatter-resistant up to 2 meters.


43. A Handy Gadget That Gets Every Last Drop Out Of Your Toothpaste

Great for toothpastes, creams, or anything in a collapsible tube less than 2 inches wide, these toothpaste squeezers helps you get every last drop out. Amazon reviewers noted how they're easy to use and have given these a cumulative 4.4-star rating.

44. The Scrub Brush Designed To Get The Grime Out Of Your Grout

Fungenial Scrub Brush, $13, Amazon

Regular scrub brushes can't always reach the nooks and crannies in your grout, which is why the Fungenial scrub brush is designed with angled bristles that fit neatly inside the lines, allowing you to scrape away stubborn dirt and grime. The ergonomic handle feels comfortable in both your left and right hands, plus the bristles are made from durable nylon that won't fray or split over time.


45. A Can Opener That Saves You Precious Drawer Space

Joseph Joseph Can Opener, $8, Amazon

Not only does its compact design save you precious drawer space, but the Joseph Joseph can opener has a large easy-twist operation that makes it easy for people of all ages to use. There's also a built-in button that ejects the lid from the opener so that you won't have to risk cutting your hands to take it off, and many Amazon reviewers commented on how "sturdy" it feels.


46. The Block That Can Fit Any Type Of Knife

Kitchen Seven Universal Knife Block, $22, Amazon

Able to hold up to 12 knives at once, the Kitchen Seven universal knife block can hold any type of knife with blades up to 8.6 inches long. This block is made from durable stainless steel that looks classy in any kitchen, and the double-layer grooved flexible plastic interior holds your knives securely without being abrasive.


47. A Chic Stand That Attaches To The Back OF Your Phone

PopSockets Collapsible Grip Stand, $10, Amazon

Instead of carrying around a bulky phone stand, try the PopSockets collapsible grip stand. This stand securely attaches to the back of your phone so that you can use it no matter where you are, and the included adhesive is both washable and compatible with most surfaces (not including silicone). Unlike other stands, this one also comes with an extra adhesive disc so that people with the iPhone 8, 8+, and X can attach it directly to the back of their device.


48. The Night Light That Sits On The Inside Of Your Toilet

Ailun Toilet Night Light, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

With eight different colors to choose from (or a color-cycling mode so you can enjoy all of them), the Ailun toilet night light is an ultra water-resistant and has a built-in light and motion sensor that prevents it from turning on during the daytime or when no one is in the room. Each light requires three AAA batteries, and the flexible PVC arm makes it easy to install on any type of toilet, no matter what shape the bowl is.


49. A Shower Head That Filters Out The Chlorine And Fluoride From Your Water

PureAction Water Softener Shower Head, $25, Amazon

If the hard water in your home has a tendency to irritate your skin (or you're just looking for cleaner water), try the PureAction water softener shower head. This shower head filters out up to 99.9 percent of lead, calcium, nickel, rust, iron, heavy metals, and other sediments so that you're left with pure, clean water. Unlike other shower heads, this one won't impact your water pressure, and installation is a breeze since it connects to any standard wall-mounted or fixed head within minutes.


50. The Hangers That Help You Save Space And Organize Your Closet

Axis International Marketing Organizing Hangers, $13 (3 Pack), Amazon

Since each order comes with three hangers, you can use one of the Axis International Marketing organizing hangers for camis, one for bras, and the third for scarves or anything else you may want to consolidate in your closet. Each hanger combines eight hangers into one, and the rust-resistant powder-coated steel makes them great for drip-drying as well.


51. A Strengthening Oil Treatment Infused With Collagen

L LUSETA Strengthening Oil Treatment, $19, Amazon

Not only is it color-safe as well as free from any sulfates or parabens, but the L LUSETA strengthening oil treatment goes the extra mile by adding in collagen to help fortify and thicken your hair. Great for taming frizz, this oil also protects your hair from damage against harmful UV rays, and since it only takes a small amount to be effective you're definitely getting the best bang for your buck possible.


52. The Cute Notepad That Helps You Set Your Priorities Straight

Make It Happen Notepad, $4, Amazon

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by your "to do" list and unsure of where to start, this Make It Happen notepad will keep you motivated and on track. It has three helpful sections so you can break down your daily tasks by the ones that are "super important," the ones that are second-tier, and the ones that can wait until another day.

53. A Hair Tie That Won't Get Tangled

Invisibobble Rubber Hair Bands, $8, Amazon

Not only is it strong enough to hold up thick hair, but the Invisibobble rubber hair bands set themselves apart by not leaving any kinks in your hair. The smooth rubber surface won't get tangled in your hair like traditional hair ties (which makes them great for curly hair), and one customer noted how these ties "shrink back to normal size in-between uses."


54. The Dryer Balls That Cut Down On The Time It Takes For Your Clothes To Dry

Made from 100% New Zealand wool, these wool dryer balls are not only reusable (which saves you money compared to dryer sheets), but they may even reduce your drying time, resulting in even more money saved! Made without any potentially harmful chemicals, these balls also help reduce any static or wrinkles in your load, and are an all-natural alternative to liquid fabric softeners.

55. A Pack Of Silicone Cable Protector Shaped Like Fun Animals

Made from durable PVC that's soft to the touch, these animal cable chompers help extend the life of your iPhone cables by preventing them from fraying. Each cable protector has a gap on the underside that makes inserting the cable easy, and each order comes with 10 adorable designs and 10 practical spring-shaped cable protectors.

56. A Two-Pack Of Himalayan Salt Nightlights For A Cozy Nighttime Glow

With over 25,000 reviews and a 4.5-star average rating, this duo of Himalayan sea salt nightlights may just be the coziest option out there. This pack of two comes with a rotatable plug, so it can fit any outlet, and these all-natural lights offer a glow that can match any home’s aesthetic.

57. A Brush Designed To Make Scrubbing Utensils Quick And Easy

Joseph Joseph Cutlery Cleaner Brush, $6, Amazon

It can be hard to clean every nook and cranny in your forks, but the Joseph Joseph cutlery cleaner brush's wraparound opposing bristle design allows you to get every awkward spot while keeping your fingers safe, particularly when washing knives. The handgrip is also textured so that it's easy to use even when wet, so you won't have to worry about it slipping out of your hands!


58. The Mask That Uses Carbonation And Bubbles To Detoxify Your Pores

Elizabeth Mott Bubble Clay Mask, $13, Amazon

The white kaolin clay in the Elizabeth Mott bubble clay mask works to gently exfoliate your skin while the added charcoal removes any impurities from your pores, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and renewed. Unlike other masks, this one reaches deep into pores using the infused CO2 bubbles, and it's even safe for those with sensitive skin.


59. A Mug With Its Own Built-In Infuser For Tea

Sweese Porcelain Tea Mug With Infuser, $22, Amazon

Great for anyone who loves brewing their own blend of tea, the infuser mesh in the Sweese porcelain tea mug with infuser has extra-fine holes so that no leaves find their way into your smooth cup of tea. The lid on this mug can also double as a coaster, and the mug itself is chip-resistant so that it's usable for years to come.


60. The Flexible Power Strip That Saves You Space

Not only is it flexible so that you can bend it to fit into cramped spaces, but this flexible power strip is designed to keep out dust and prevent overheating, shocks, and power surges. Each strip has four plug outlets and two USB ports and is adjustable so that you can make circular, zig-zag, and other shapes depending on your needs.

61. A Pair Of Toe Stretchers That Alleviate Walking Pain

Made from soft gel that fits comfortably around your toes, these toe stretchers are great for relieving pain from bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and more. These stretchers also help increase the flexibility in your toes so that they feel less fatigue after exercising and are discreet enough to wear with shoes or barefoot around the house.

62. The Soothing Gel Made From 99.75 Percent Organic Aloe Vera

Earth's Daughter Organic Aloe Vera Gel, $15, Amazon

Whether you've got a sunburn, itchy skin, dandruff, or any other skin-irritating condition, the Earth's Daughter organic aloe vera gel will do just the trick. This gel is made from 99.75 organic aloe vera without any artificial colors, fragrances, or parabens added, and absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving any greasy residues behind.


63. An Electric Facial Cleansing Brush That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

This waterproof, vibrating facial cleaning brush works great at cleaning out pores, exfoliating your skin, and massaging your face. Made from silicone, this brush is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin, and the silicone material makes it resistant to bacteria buildup.

64. The Aromatherapy Blend That Helps You Drift Off To Sleep

Simply put a few drops on your pillow or in a diffuser, and this good sleep aromatherapy blend will help boost your mood while relaxing your mind for a night of restorative sleep. Made with chamomile, sage, lavender, sandalwood, and other soothing scents, this aromatherapy blend is relaxation, defined.

65. A Pair Of Socks Infused With Natural Aloe Vera

Earth Therapeutics Aloe Socks, $15 (2-Pack), Amazon

Dry, chapped feet can be irritating, which is why the Earth Therapeutics aloe socks are infused with natural aloe vera and vitamin E to give your soles a hydrating boost with every wear. Able to fit most foot sizes, two pairs come in each pack. They're even machine washable. "Love love love them and they are just as soft after washing," raved one customer.

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