66 Clever AF Gifts On Amazon That Are Flying Off The Shelves

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Just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's going to be a great gift. For example, my uncle bought my cousin a used car for Christmas a few years ago, and while he spent thousands of dollars on it, the car wound up dying on the side of the highway a few days later. My take on the matter? A much, much safer bet is to just grab one of the most clever products available on Amazon.

A clever gift can mean a variety of things. For one, it's probably useful. A motion-activated toilet night light might not sound like an obvious choice, but I can almost guarantee that it'll get used every single night. The same goes for an electric mug warmer that keeps their coffee hot all day, as well as a miniature waffle maker that can also cook paninis.

Second, thanks to the hundreds of reviews backing them up, you know you're getting a quality item for someone you love — unlike that used car, which probably didn't come with a trusty ratings system.

Best of all, every time the recipient picks up their stainless steel turkey baster, clip-on lens kit, or wine filter, they'll think of you. What more could you ask for in a gift? So go ahead and check out these mind-blowing gifts — most with free two-day shipping via Amazon Prime.

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