66 Unexpected Gifts That Are All The Rage On Amazon This Year

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Shopping for gifts — no matter the occasion — can be a very specific and trying sport. You’re forced to mull over tons of questions in your mind and make decisions within a few minutes. Even after you've made a purchase, you're left with lingering thoughts and doubts. My favorite life hack in those situations is shopping for unexpected Amazon gifts that I'm almost certain the recipients will love.

It makes the process simpler, but it does still require a little bit of creativity. First, I would suggest thinking about your loved ones' favorite hobbies, likes, and tastes. Then, go a level deeper to find unique ways to surprise them with thoughtful gifts. When the people in your life have it all, this will be your best strategy in wowing them.

Let's say, for example, the person you're shopping for loves cats. They obviously have all the essentials for their pets — but what they might not have is this cat water fountain that comes with a built-in filter. You can also get them an item that reminds them of their kitties, like an adorable feline tape dispenser.

Shop for those unexpected (but awesome) gifts with this curated list of items that are all available on Amazon.

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