7 Apps Every Readers Needs To Download In 2017

by Julia Seales
Hannah Burton/Bustle

I don’t have a lot of apps on my phone, but the ones I do have are largely devoted to reading. I’ll probably always prefer hardcopies of books as opposed to ebooks, but technology has transformed the way I read in many ways — often for the better (you can join book clubs online now!). Whereas I once chose books just based on guessing, now there are so many apps to help select and recommend books, that it’s easy to find new things. And I don’t have to carry a large purse to ensure I have a book to read at all times — I can store plenty of them on my phone through eBook apps. Plus, book-based social media apps allow all us readers to see recommendations from our friends without asking them to snail mail us a list of new titles to read.

Whether you’re obsessed with eBooks, or you still have all hard copies, you have to admit that book-based apps can be enormously helpful for readers. They can inspire you and give you new ideas for books to read (and even completely new ways to read). Maximize your TBR list (and easily use up all your phone storage!) with some of the following must-have apps for book-lovers.



This one is a must have for readers. You can view book reviews, and you can also see what friends are reading and keep track of what you've read, as well as adding to your TBR wishlist. You can even use the barcode scanner to scan books in stores and add them to your to-read shelf — it has transformed the way I shop for books.



With a subscription to Audible, you get credit to use audiobooks and reduced rates on any additional purchases. My favorite feature of the app is that you can listen to books at faster speeds, which is perfect for speed-readers who just really want to find out what happens next.



You can access tons of free eBooks with Wattpad. Plus, if you're a writer, you could even upload your own work. This app is like YouTube, but for eBooks, and you might find your next favorite upcoming author.



You can purchase books to read on the Kindle app, and you can also access lots of classic works for free. Plus, you can check out eBooks from your local library and read them through the Kindle app, so it's the perfect app for readers on a budget.


Serial Box Publishing

This app costs a small subscription fee, but with it you get access to new books bit by bit. Basically, you'll feel as if you're in the Dickens era, reading books serial-style.



Add books to your shelf, earn free eBooks, read reviews, and read through this app. Plus, you can link it with your Goodreads account for streamlined access.


451: Local Book Trading

Swap books with people locally with this Bradbury-inspired app.