7 Apps You Should Download If You're Worried About Mercury Retrograde


The third and final Mercury retrograde of 2018 began earlier this week on Nov. 16, and will last through the first weekend of December. Falling in line with earlier retrogrades this year, this one lines up with some already stressful stretches of time (because planning a big Thanksgiving dinner isn't stressful enough it itself). Mercury retrograde is notorious for causing unreliable communication and travel issues, but thanks to modern technology, there are some ways to alleviate the burden that comes with this particular astrological phenomenon. If you're feeling a bit scrambled this week, check out the five apps you should download during Mercury retrograde.

Those not plugged into astrology might have a hard time understanding what Mercury retrograde really is. The term is used pretty flippantly nowadays, but is there any truth to it? The idea behind periods of retrograde stems from Mercury's role as a planet. It is the ruler of communication and movement, according to Astrostyle. Considering how expansive these two areas of life are, it would stand to reason something that affects them can impact everything from one-on-one communication to electronics, travel, cell towers, and even the internet.

When Mercury enters retrograde, its movement appears somewhat backwards from the earth. So when the planet's movement appears affected in this way, people on Earth notice parts of life follow suit. During Mercury retrograde, life seems just a little haywire — but these apps may help, whether you're feeling that retrograde or not.


Headspace is really helpful for those of us who have a tendency to get overwhelmed. Headspace provides users with introductory meditation methods that can be practiced throughout the day, as well as tools to deal with unexpected meltdowns. If you use one new app during Mercury retrograde, let it be this one. The Headspace app is available on iOS and Google Play.


Have a few extra minutes? Chances are you're not using your time to its fullest potential. Even when your schedule is jam-packed, you may find yourself with an extra half hour a few times a day. If you want to make the most of your time, check out 30/30. The app is a task manager that helps you fit everything you need to do into even the most cluttered of schedules. The 30/30 app is available on iOS and Google Play.


Skyscanner is a Scottish app that makes every aspect of travel — flights, hotels, car rentals — easier to manage. Skyscanner is free to use and will help you make sure you get the best deal on all your travel details. Skyscanner is available on iOS and Google Play.


Pzizz is an eye-catching app focused on providing assistance with meditation and relaxation. With the help of specially-curated music and guided meditation, the app helps you get in the zone or get your best ever night of sleep. The Pzizz app is available on iOS and Google Play.


There's a good chance you already have WhatsApp; it has served as a texting equivalent for people sans phone service for years. Even if you do have a regular texting plan, WhatsApp is great to have dowloaded in case of lost service or travel. Your group chat will thank you. WhatsApp is available on iOS and Google Play.


Lumosity advertises itself as a brain game and brain testing app. Its activities are the perfect way to use your downtime constructively. It's when you are unoccupied that you are more likely to feel the stress of Mercury retrograde, so keep busy with an app that will do you some good, rather than endlessly scrolling through Instagram. The Lumosity app is available on iOS and Google Play. You can also use it on your computer.


Have you ever felt as though your brain is a mess of all your different thoughts and feelings? Of course you have. With Mindnode, you can make sense of the clutter by using a visual tool called mindmapping, where you create webs of thoughts to categorize them. Mindnode is available on Google Play and iOS.