These 7 Biodegradable Glitters Will Take Your Festival Beauty Look To The Next Level

by Aoife Hanna
Jessica Lia / Stocksy

As festival season is upon us, no doubt you're stocking up on all of the various bits and bobs you need to get your dance on. One of the main concerns (apart from having to sleep in a tent and deal with dodgy toilets) is what to wear. You need to make sure your whole wardrobe is on point, as well as practical. You also want to make sure your make up is steezy AF and able to withstand all weathers. One thing that no festival is complete without a bit of sparkle. So making sure your glitter glitter is biodegradable is a must in order to show love to Mother Earth.

Yes guys, regular glitter sadly isn't biodegradable which means it's super bad for the environment. It's essentially small flakes of plastic, which we all know is about as crappy for the environment as you can get and is 100 percent not what you want to be throwing all over your face and other people's faces. Guys, glitter really gets everywhere.

Luckily for fans of all things sparkly, it's now possible to get more environmentally conscious glitters that will leave you looking fab AF, without costing the planet. Here are some of the best.


V05 Hair Glitter

Like I said before, glitter gets everywhere. So why not all over your hair? Oh hello sparkly mermaid realness. V05's little jaunt into the world of biodegradable glitter is available in six fab colours and according to reviews on the Superdrug website, it's an absolute dream.



This brand is not only cute AF but one of the most affordable around. It has lots of different colour options and even different textures and special multi coloured blends. Get this, they even have special pre-made glitter kits which will make choosing your whole look a whole lot flipping easier.


PS Glitter

Top name for great value products, Primark has only gone and launched biodegradable glitter.

Coming in pink, purple, turquoise, blue, silver, and gold and costing a mere two quid — you'll have to buy one in each colour. Find this gorgeous glitter online or in your nearest Primark store.


EcoStardust Bioglitter Beauty Balm

Not your traditional glitter option, this balm will nourish your skin while leaving you sparkling all over. Definitely a must for those who are super dehydrated owing to festival excess.


Eco Glitter Fun

Starting at £4, this environmentally conscious brand provides all kinds of size packets meaning even your pro can get kitted up here. Sounds pretty sparkly to me. A dreamy mixture of colours that will make you look just like candy.



MUOBU, or Make Up Or Break Up, has an incredible range of products. With different colour ranges, textures, sizes, and of course densities — this one has received praise from Vogue and Harpers Bazar. Well if it's good enough for them. The colour combo pictured has multiple different textures as well as colours meaning you get a lot more variety for your buck.


Dust & Dance

Each of these specially designed glitters is a combination of different sizes, textures, and colours. The guys over at Dust & Dance specially combine the mixtures for ideal glitter-age and will make any sparkle queen feel truly regal. All metal shades in one, you will look solid gold in this sick AF glitter


No matter what brand you choose, with this variety and affordability there is literally no excuse for using planet-polluting glitters. So stock up on some sustainable sparkle and I'll see you in a field.