7 Books On Sexual Health That Will Turn You Into Absolute Expert In No Time

by Alice Broster

From putting a condom on a banana in sex education class to having the talk about the birds and the bees with your parents when you’re growing up, learning about sex and sexuality can be seriously cringe. This week is Sexual Health Awareness Week, so there's no better time to bust some stigmas, learn more about your body, and end any embarrassment or shame. So I've gathered together seven of the best books on sexual health to help you do just that. No one should have to settle for a subpar sex education and having ownership over your body is so important. Just because you’ve left the classroom doesn't mean it’s too late to learn something new about sexual health.

Whether it's being able to correctly name parts of your body to busting the myths of what happens when you go through the menopause, books can be a great way to clear things up in your head if you don’t have an expert on hand to ask. If you want to dig deeper into sexual health this Sexual Health Awareness Week from reliable sources who really know what's what, here are seven books that are sure to teach you something new.


‘The Vagina Bible’ by Dr Jennifer Gunter

Do you know the real function of pubic hair? What about the reasons you get yeast infections? And is the G spot legit or a myth? When you’re bombarded with so many mixed messages about the vulva OB-GYN Jen Gunter is here with some of the answers. In her book the expert on women’s bodies unpacks everything you need to know about reproductive health, the latest fads and trends, and why you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

You can order it here.


‘More Orgasms Please: Why Female Pleasure Matters’ by The Hotbed Collective

Generally speaking orgasms feel good, but do they do anything else for your body. The hosts of the hugely insightful podcast The Hotbed Collective are sharing everything they know about the benefits of orgasms in More Orgasms Please. According to their book, orgasms make you look younger, and reduce stress, plus they’re free, and you aren’t about to run out of them. This is everything you need to know about finishing.

You can order it here.


‘Come As You Are’ by Dr Emily Nagoski

Sex isn’t just a physical act and your body is something that should be enjoyed. At least that is Dr Emily Nagoski’s ethos. We might have been talking about sex for thousands of years but there are still so many questions about pleasure that need to be answered. At its core Come As You Are is a battle cry to feel confident in your own skin and banish the question “Am I normal?” once and for all.

You can order it here.


‘Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, & Enjoying Your Body’ by Laci Green

Laci Green is the sex educator and YouTuber who has made it her life's work to get people talking about their action between the sheets. In Sex Plus she discusses how to have safe sex, find the best contraception for you, and talk to a partner about sex and desire. It’s the sex-positive, comprehensive, and cool sex ed you wanted growing up.

You can order it here.


‘The Coitus Chronicles’ by Olive Persimmon

The Coitus Chronicles documents Olive Persimmon’s exploration into sexual happiness, desire, and finding love. She wrote one of the most honest and open chapters on being afraid of STI’s. It rocked my world and will change your perspective entirely on how we talk about STI’s and women’s bodies. In exploring orgasmic meditation, spanking and finding the perfect sex buddy, Perisimmon will teach you a lot about what it means to open yourself up to someone sexually. Whether you’re having sex or not, this is essential reading.

You can order it here.


‘Becoming Cliterate’ by Dr Laurie Mintz

If films and TV are to be believed, sex means one man and one woman, and a penis penetrating a vagina. AKA a very narrow idea of what sex can be. Dr Laurie Mintz is throwing that assertion along with so many others right out the window in Becoming Cliterate. For many women clitoral stimulation is the way to orgasm and the orgasm gap is a very real phenomenon. Dr Mintz is leading the revolution in how to become more sexually satisfied and understand the cultural forces that have worked against that for so many years.

You can order it here.


‘Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex & What They Reveal’ by Lux Alptraum

Where did the assumption that all women lie about orgasming come from? Lux Alptraum picked up on the distrustful language used against women when it comes to sexuality and turned these assumptions on their head. In Faking It, the sex educator interviews experts and ordinary women to establish how often women lie and when they do is it for a good reason?

You can order it here.


Sex and sexuality can be immensely private things. However, if learning more about your body, pleasure, and other peoples experiences makes you happier and healthier in your sex life then sex education can only be a good thing. Sexual Health Awareness Week is a great time to check in with yourself and your body and there are few better ways than doing that than getting clued up on all things sex.