If You’re An Aries, These Are The 7 Best Dog Breeds For You


In theory, picking out the right dog for you seems kind of easy, especially if you're a big animal lover. All dogs are cute, wonderful little animals that you would want to take home with you! If you feel like you love them all no matter what, then it seems like you should just be able to go to a shelter or pet shop, pick one out, and go from there. But in reality, choosing the perfect dog for you is a little deeper than that. You need to bring home a dog who you can connect with, and that's often a dog who has a similar personality to you. One way to figure out what kind of personality to look for is to look to your zodiac sign for the best dog breed for you.

Your zodiac sign tells you a lot about yourself, and can even clue you in on which type of dog you should make your fur family. If you're an Aries, you are known as an outgoing, social person who prefers to be the leader in any situation. You're confident, passionate, and always down to have a good time, and you put your all into everything you do. You always want to be number one, and you usually are.

So, you need a dog who can keep up with you — and maybe a dog who will keep you on your toes. You'll want to find a dog with a lot of energy who also enjoys being the leader of the doggie world. Below are a few of the best dog breeds for an Aries to get:


Border Collie


Border Collies definitely have the energy you crave — in fact, they can become unhappy and destructive when they're kept inside without a lot of activity for long periods of time. This breed is super smart and clever, they love to play and run around, and they are just as determined and enthusiastic about life as you are. They are also super protective and make excellent watchdogs. They match your energy and they know how to lead — it's basically a perfect match!


German Shepherd


German Shepherds can be a little intimidating to some, but, well, so can you, Aries! You're such a leader that you want a dog who can be a leader as well, and a German Shepherd definitely fits that bill — they are often sought out as leaders of the dog world and are known for being incredibly protective. While they can be quite restrained and confident, they also have a lot of energy and they love to bond with their owners. You two will basically be like twins.


Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinschers are another breed that are often seen as intimidating. They are super powerful (meaning you'll be attracted to that right away) and they have tons of energy. They love to play and run around, and if they aren't able to, they can easily become aggressive — kind of like you on a bad day. In general, when Dobermans are socialized from a young age, they are a breed that loves to make friends, which is also like you. And they make great leaders as well.


Jack Russell Terrier


If you're not looking for a bigger dog like a German Shepherd or a Doberman, then consider a Jack Russell Terrier. These little dogs are super independent and lively, and they also happen to be very charming. It's hard for anyone not to fall in love with a Jack Russell Terrier, just like it's hard for people not to fall in love with an Aries! Jack Russells also have lots of energy and they're super smart. They're a really fun match for an Aries.


Labrador Retriever


Maybe you want a bigger dog who isn't quite as intimidating as a German Shepherd and a Doberman can be. In that case, you may do well with a Labrador Retriever. These cuties are so much fun to own: they're full of love, they're incredibly loyal, they're nice and friendly to everyone they meet, and they are pretty much loved by everyone (again, like you). They also love to play and run around, so they'll definitely match your energy.


Golden Retriever


If an Aries is the person everyone wants to be best friends with, then a golden retriever is the dog every dog (and actually everyone also) wants to be best friends with. These lovable dogs are playful, fun, and kind. They are good watchdogs, but they love people too much to ever actually be mean to anyone. They are also really smart, they can be put to work, and they absolutely love to be around people all the time.


Shetland Sheepdog


Another option that would fit an Aries well is a Shetland Sheepdog, sometimes just called a Sheltie. These dogs are so smart and they make excellent leaders and herders. They're related to Collies, so they're kind of similar to a Border Collie. Shelties are a lot of fun to have around, and they will keep you on your toes, which is something you might need!