7 Best Pool Floats For Adults In 2018, Because Who Needs A Yacht Anyway?

Aoife Hanna

British summer has hit so you have in and around three to five days to get out and enjoy the sun. Everyone knows there is nothing more refreshing than a cooling dip in the pool, lake, sea, river, or wherever you can get yourself wet. Just don't think about what might be in there. Anyway, I digress. You know you want to look super classy and cool down your local watery hang out spot and stand out from the crowd with your whole look and attitude. You want and need the best pool floats for adults in 2018 because heck yeah, it's summer time and the living is easy.

As the proud owner of my very own pool float, or yacht as I call it, The Thotany Bay, I have become somewhat of an expert in this field. Nothing says "twirl away the haters" like a large, obnoxious pool float that may be cumbersome and an absolute nightmare to inflate or deflate but come on guys, think of the social media opportunities with these things. With more chances for the perfect selfie than you could shake a stick at, these things pay for themselves with Instagram likes and jealous leers. What's not to like? Yep, you got it, absolutely nada.

1Crane Inflatable Floating Island

Crane Inflatable Floating Island


Yes, this is actually the very place I purchased my own little slice of heaven, "The Thotany Bay." It is so much bigger than you expect so like, get ready. This thing has three seats (can comfortably fit four), three cup holders and some handles that make it handy to carry down onto the beach. Which I do regularly now I live by the sea. No brag. OK, huge brag. When I say this was the best investment I have ever made I am not lying. Buy this now.

2. Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float In Rose Gold

Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float In Rose Gold


Yes. This is exactly what you will look like running to the pool/beach/bar with your fantastically fabulous flamingo float. Yes, that alliteration was intended. Don't you know I'm excited?! Rose gold because everyone knows a dusting of gold adds a little class, and a flamingo because, duh a flamingo! Long necked creatures really serve as wonderful inflatables because you have something to cling on to for dear life while also looking cute. That's what pool floats are for.

3Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float


Have you ever drifted around a pool on a boring old ring and thought "gee whizz this is really missing a bit of panache?" I know I have. So, some genius went and stuck a tail on this ring, so you can live your best life and also pretend to be a mermaid. I am almost positive this one would have the added benefit of serving to scare away little children, leaving you able to conquer the pool for you and your crew. Or just you is also fine. Bonus points for the image of the ring appearing to be dreaming about you being in it.

4Giant Avocado Pool Float

Giant Avocado Pool Float


"I mean I want a pool float, but I'm vegan." Hold up babes, I have got you. This gorge little avocado number means you won't look like a big fat hypocrite on an effigy of some poor little beast. No confirmation on if it goes brown after a while. OK, just kidding.

5Luxe Ride-On Float Peacock

Luxe Ride-On Float Peacock

Sunny Life

Ever want to just like, have a peaceful holiday? Some chill time? Just blend in peacefully and get no attention? Yeah me neither. Eff that! Stand out from the crowd and get everyone dying from jealousy while you cruise through the pool on an actual peacock.

6Cactus Drink Holder

Cactus Drink Holder

Sunny Life

It's not only about what you have your butt on, you need to think about your dranks, because hydration is important. Also, three spots here means you have space for two kinds of drinks and your suncream.

7Floating Battle

Floating Battle


Have things been a little tense with that special person? Maybe a friend or a family member has really been getting your goat of late? Just kidding, but how flipping fun is this?! This little pool float situation doubles up as an actual physical battle game where only the strongest and most agile survive. I bet five quid there will be fall outs over this thing both in and out of the pool.

Bonus Item: Hand Air Pump

Hand Air Pump

Sunny Life

To state the glaringly obvious, even a professional opera singer with a pair of lungs the size of two hot air balloons and a lot of free time could not inflate one of these things without the use of a pump. This is one of those one off purchases that stays in the shed all year round but when you need it, you thank everyone you have it because honestly, your crew aren't going to blow this thing up for you.

With so many options both online and in stores across the country, and prices from bargain basement to bad and boujee, the choices are endless. Even Lidl have got in on the action.

So, whether you are planning the trip of a life time or just nipping down to the seaside for a few days, make sure and snap up a few of these insanely fun floats. As a proud owner myself, I promise it's one investment with a guaranteed return.