7 Reusable Coffee Cups That'll Make Your Morning Commute Chicer

by Alice Broster
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Commuting can be a little bit painful, especially as the weather gets colder. The one saving grace of having to be out of the house as the weather turns is you can treat yourself to a coffee on the way into work. It doesn’t just wake you up, it defrosts your hands and warms you from the inside. However, while you have to consider the cost of your coffee habit, using so many takeaway cups can take a toll on the environment too. However, there is a way to cut this out. Here are the seven best reusable coffee cups that will get you some serious savings in some coffee chains and make your morning coffee run super cute.

Whether you like one cup in the morning to perk you up or are a morning, noon, and late afternoon coffee aficionado, buying a reusable coffee cup is such a great investment. Not only will it keep your drink hot for longer but they’re amazing for cutting down on your plastic use and come in so many cool patterns and designs.

In 2018, the Environmental Audit Committee reported that 99.75 percent of takeaway coffee cups aren’t recycled. Here are seven reusable coffee cups that are better for the environment and in keeping with your Instagram aesthetic.



Chilly's have a reusable cup for just about any drink you can think of. From a little Flat White flask to a 500 ml cup that will carry all the morning coffee you could need. Their coffee cups are double walled so your drink stays hot but you won’t burn your hands, and they're made from stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about any funny tastes.



If you really want to amp up your coffee's Instagram game while also doing amazing things for the environment, then you need to get yourself a KeepCup. Super aesthetically pleasing, with a range of sizes and designs, KeepCups are lightweight and dishwasher safe so they’re not a hassle once you’ve used them.


Ecoffee Bamboo Cup

If you’re all about innovative design and materials then you’ll love the Ecoffee Cup. Made with bamboo it’s incredibly strong and lightweight. You don’t get the residual taste that is left in your mouth with some paper or plastic cups and the range of colours and patterns means there’s definitely one for you.



Talk about cup inception, the rCUP is the first reusable cup made out of recycled cups. It’s BPA free so there’s no chemicals used in it’s production and instead of having a little hole to drink out of, you open it like a normal mug. Genius.


Stojo Collapsable

One of the most off putting things about using reusable cups is that, after you’ve drank your drink, you have to carry it around all day. However, the Stojo reusable cup has cut out that annoyance by designing a cup that collapses after it’s been used so you can tuck it away in your bag. It’s super durable and leakproof so you don’t have to worry about getting liquid all over your things and if looks are the thing that matters to you it comes in a range of colours and sizes.


Sol Cup

Made of glass with a beautiful silicone pastel sleeve and lid, the Sol Cup might be one of the nicest reusable cups the market. Made out of glass and 100% free from chemicals and plastic, you can be sure that you’re doing a great thing for the environment when you opt to use one of these instead of a takeaway cup. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re so pretty.


Frank Green

Coming in small, medium, and large if you’re all about simplicity and effectiveness then you need to check out the range of reusable coffee cups by Frank Green. They have a stainless steel option that promises to keep your drink hot and you can mix and match the colour of the cup and lid to make it truly personal to you.


So, if you’re environmentally conscious but don’t want to give up your morning takeaway coffee then investing in one of these awesome reusable cups is your answer. Super cool in design and made of great materials that won’t harm you or the environment, there’s no excuse not to treat yourself.

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