7 Best Sex Positions For Spring, Because It's Time To Come Out Of Your Shell

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

Spring is finally here! I always feel less sluggish and more energetic in the spring — and if you're the same way, there's no reason you shouldn't mix things up in the bedroom to match. Seriously, in the winter I'm basically about positions that you can do under a duvet and in a onesie. I'm pretty sure I've been wearing the same onesie since October. And if I could figure out a sex position I could do in a onesie while eating porridge, I'd probably be all about that too. But when the sun starts to shine a little bit, I start itching to be outside, to be moving, just to be more active generally.

So it's time for sex positions that let you use some of that extra energy. While spooning and laying cuddled up is perfect in the winter, in the spring you may want to be a bit more wild and, frankly, remember what each other actually looks like naked. Whether you're in a long-term relationship or looking for a spring break fling, it's a fun and silly season where you should be able to start moving outside of your comfort zone again.

Here are the best sex positions for spring, because it's all about starting to challenge yourself a bit: