7 Summer Vacation Ideas Specifically For Pisces Zodiac Signs

by Lia Beck
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Unless you're someone who gets to travel and go on vacation all the time, deciding where to actually go for a trip can be hard. After all, if you've been saving up time and money, you want to be sure you actually end up liking where you go. So, how do you narrow it down? Well, one way is to turn to the stars, and if you're a Pisces, the summer vacation ideas below just might work for you.

Now, should you choose a vacation destination based solely on your zodiac sign? I mean, maybe also take into account other factors, like your personal interests. However, if you don't know where to start, it can make for a jumping off point. And especially if you are someone who connects with the traits and description of your zodiac sign, the vacation destinations associated with it might really speak to you.

So, what might a Pisces look for in a vacation? explains that Pisces are creative, compassionate, spiritual, selfless, and emotional. And notes that those who fall under this sign like "being alone, sleeping, music, romance, visual media, swimming, spiritual themes." A trip where you get to take in romantic visuals, sleep a lot, and go swimming? Doesn't sound too hard to find.

Keeping all those traits and interests in mind, here are some summer vacation ideas that could work for the Pisces out there.

Charleston, South Carolina

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Charleston isn't as fast-paced as a lot of big artsy cities, but Artnet News still rated it number one on its 10 Best Cities for Art Lovers in the U.S. list. Susan Miller at Astrology Zone wrote that "Anything that smacks too much of real life — traffic, ringing phones, billboards and so forth — will dampen [a Pisces] spirit," — so Charleston, which is also near plenty of beaches, could be a good call.

Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is known for its beaches, and traveling there after Hurricane Maria also means supporting the local economy. For compassionate Pisces who want their vacation to mean more than just chilling on the sand, here is more information on vacationing in Puerto Rico post-Maria responsibly.

Barcelona, Spain


Art? Check. Beaches? Check. Music? Check. "Spiritual themes"? Check.


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Earlier this year, astrology experts and Moonbox founders Katie Huang and Paula Pavlova gave Bustle suggestions for where people should travel based on their zodiac signs, and the suggestion for Pisces was Iceland. "The scenery of Iceland's glaciers, lagoons, and medieval cliffs create some of the most dreamy and ethereal vibes, making it the perfect place for ultra spiritual Pisceans to completely submerge into mystery and find themselves," the pair explained.

The California Coast

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This is a suggestion from Astrology Zone based on the fact that Pisces are associated with the water and like settings with "a touch of fairy-tale magic." Astrology Zone notes that Pisces could like "a small hotel or vacation cottage that offers a view of the ocean" because "the sound of the surf rolling in will soothe and comfort you, gentle Pisces." Taking a road trip on the coast of California would involve plenty of ocean views and visiting a few different places with magical vibes.

Paris, France

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Astrology Club says that Paris is "one of the best travel destinations for a Pisces" because it is romantic and full of art. While it won't provide swimming opportunities like some of the other destinations (unless you stay somewhere with a pool), the city is on the Seine River. Pisces could get in some of their precious alone time walking along the river or sitting in one of the city's parks.

A Nearby Beach

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For any Pisces who just want to chill out (or sleep) by some water, the easiest and cheapest vacation might be to just go to whatever beach is closest to you. (Sorry, landlocked Pisces!) Maybe you usually just do a day trip to the beach, but instead you could make the trip a little longer while not having to spend too much money on transportation. Rent a vacation house or apartment or stay in a hotel or hostel for a few days and enjoy what was already close by.

So, what'll it be Pisces? Chilling at the beach, taking in the arts in a city, or both?