7 Best Tricks For Combatting Burnout, According To Experts

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

The dangers of work burnout are pretty clear. There's that familiar creeping feeling as we get further and further along a path that isn't working for us. We know that we're starting to feel fatigued or just blah — and that any joy we've found in our work is just disappearing. We become worse at our jobs and, often we're not so good in the rest of our lives either. But how can you tell exactly when you're actually burnt out — and how can you deal with work burnout? Well, it starts by checking in with yourself.

"Pay attention to how you're feeling at work, and even after work," Sharon Kaslassi, account executive of Blonde2.0 tells Bustle over email. "We all say that work should stay in the office (but let's be real, with tech and companies moving at record speed, we often take home with us). If you're feeling exhausted, stressed, and overall fried and can't get out of this 'funk' you're feeling, you're probably burned out. This also goes along with having negative feelings, and perhaps even angry, toward work. You feel like your personality may be hanging, and even depersonalized with a lack of empathy toward clients."

Reaching burnout is a tough place to be in — but luckily, you're not alone, because it's more common than you think. Of course it's best to deal with burnout before it gets too bad, but there are ways to come back from it. It might mean taking a big step back from work and having to set up some real boundaries, but it can be done. So how do you come back from work burnout? Here's what the experts had to say.