The 7 Best YouTube Workouts If You Don’t Want To Go To A Kickboxing Class

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You want to get to that kickboxing class at your gym, but you only have a spare 20 minutes to get ready before you have to get to work, and the line for the showers is not that forgiving. Or you’re like me, and the idea of trying out new moves in a room full of strangers is terrifying. Whatever your situation and workout preferences, you don’t have to leave your living room to find some great YouTube kickboxing workouts.

As fitness classes on your phone become increasingly common, fitness YouTubers can help you keep up with the times and with your workout plan. You can grab a buddy in your living room or draw all the shades and make sure your roommates aren’t home: the beauty of YouTube workouts is that you can really customize them to you. And yes, that includes pausing and rewinding as often as you want or need to!

But the best news is, you can find workouts that are catered to you: whether you love working up a sweat but don’t want to jump around when your grumpy downstairs neighbor is home, or you’re looking for a woman of color-led, body-positive yoga class, YouTube’s got you covered. Here are seven kickboxing-ish workouts to try on YouTube.


'90s Throwback Hip Hop Cardio Dance Workout, by Keaira LeShae

If you’re looking for an absurdly fun time that’ll have you sweating, reminiscing, and celebrating the joy of being alive all at the same time, then Keaira LeShae’s '90s throwback is for you. A quick one — the video caps at under six minutes — Keaira encourages you to repeat the workout if you want (and you’ll probably want to, both to master the moves and your sweat levels). She also encourages you to work at your own highest level, embracing whatever that means for you: which, really, is what this is all about.


Old Town Road Dance Workout, by Keaira LaShae

If you’re like the rest of the country and can’t get enough of Lil Nas X and Old Town Road — and really, who could ever have enough of the Black gay cowboy anthem? — then Keaira LeShae strikes again. Because this quick dance routine comes complete with flannel, denim shorts, boots and a cowboy hat. And, for even more feel-good fun, LeShae’s daughter is just chilling — on a rocking horse with her own fashionable little cowboy hat — next to her mom the whole time.


25-Minute Rumble: No Equipment Needed Cardio-Boxing Workout, by Dani Burrell and Leila Leilani with POPSUGAR Fitness

Complete with a warmup, reminders to breathe and encouraging side commentary and inter-trainer banter, this POPSUGAR Fitness video is everything you could want from a cardio-boxing workout. Concise explanations for why you’re doing everything you’re doing is balanced with fun and with sweat: so if you’re able and willing to jump around a little bit, have at it with this half-hour workout.


No Equipment At Home Chest Workout, by Aydian Dowling

Designed by a trans guy for fellow transmasculine people, this chest workout by Aydian Dowling is meant to reduce feelings of dysphoria for transmasculine folks wanting to strengthen their pecs. This video won’t just take you through a workout: Aydian is sure to describe what he’s having you do and why he’s having you do it, seeking to empower you with new knowledge and feel-good affirmations. And Aydian is sure to welcome everyone to the video, wherever you are or whatever your goals are in your gender journey.


15 Minute Low Impact, Squat-Free Full Body HIIT Workout, by Paula B. Fitness

You’re going to need dumbbells for this one, but you’re not going to need to worry about your downstairs neighbors (or your sore knees, for that matter). Because this workout by Paula B. of Paula B. Fitness will get your heart pumping without any of the jumping that might irritate neighbors or — even more importantly — that might hurt you if you need a more low-impact workout. True to form (see the fitness pun?), Paula B.’s channel is full of videos that work with your body; whether you’ve got sciatica or are going through menopause, this channel has something just for you.


Pilates Please: Easy Exercises for Kids, by Dr. Vernette McKnight with AIB

One of my fondest memories growing up was slipping into the living room when my mom was working out to some old aerobics VHS tapes, and joining her in her workout. And, though this is pilates — a far cry from aerobics — geared toward letting parents work out together with their kids, the principle is the same: strengthening your relationship with your body and your kids at the same darn time. With a quiet emphasis on learning, you definitely don’t need to be a kid to get a good workout in here: you can be empowered by learning and practicing this stuff at any age!


Beginner-Intermediate Yoga Class, by Jessamyn Stanley

OK, so maybe yoga isn’t your thing if you're Googling for kickboxing-adjacent classes. It’s not my thing, either. But this video will help you sink into a yoga practice that is affirmative, supportive, and open to wherever you’re coming into it. And, even if you’re a yoga buff, Stanley has a beautiful way of describing her practice and inviting you into your own practice that will remind you why you started loving yoga to begin with.


Whether you're looking to sweat up a storm at home, can't quite get up the energy to actually leave the house, or just want to learn new movements in a safe, private environment, YouTube workouts can be an excellent option for you. All the fitness and none of the social pressure (and I can be in my pajamas)? Yes please!