7 Great Books Coming Out In June 2019 That Simply Cannot Be Missed

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Sometimes it can feel impossible to set a little bit of time aside to lose yourself in a truly great book. However, with so many awesome reads coming out this summer it would be a shame to not treat yourself to a few new books, find a cosy corner, and escape for an hour or two. Here are seven new books coming out in June 2019 which seriously can’t be missed. Whether it's life advice from the one fifth of the Fab Five or lessons in finding happiness, love, and success, there are so many good books coming out soon and all you need to do is find the time to read them.

There's nothing quite like sitting in the garden on a summer evening. It's still a little bit warm and the sun turns the sky beautiful shades of orange and pink. Throw in a good book and a cup of tea or something a little stronger and that's my happy place. June is also the perfect time to start getting together your holiday reading list and there really are too many to choose from in the coming month. Here are seven books coming out in June that you just have to get your hands on.


“Naturally Tan” By Tan France

The remake of Queer Eye has become a true phenomenon, with the Fab Five spreading unbridled joy and love through TV screens everywhere. If you're in need of another fix between series, then style expert Tan France's memoir is out in June 2019. He tells the story of growing up gay in a south Asian family in Yorkshire. France covers everything from falling in love with fashion in his granddad's denim factory, to finding his life partner and juggling three businesses alongside Queer Eye with his trademark dry sense of humour.

You can pre-order Naturally Tan here and it will be in shops from June 6.


“City Of Girls” By Elizabeth Gilbert

There is something romantic about New York in the 1940s. The glitz, glamour, and mystery of the big city make for perfect escapism and City of Girls has it in droves. Elizabeth Gilbert tells the story of Vivian Morris, a 19 year-old who arrives in New York with nothing more than a suitcase, her sewing machine, and some big dreams. Mixing with old Hollywood stars and finding friends along the way, Morris realises she is going to have to live fearlessly to survive in the Big Apple. City of Girls is the definition of a page turner.

You can pre-order City of Girls here and it will be available in shops from June 4.


“More Than Enough" By Elaine Welteroth

It can feel like you are bombarded with messages about being a boss, doing the most, and living your best life. While this can be super inspiring, it's also pretty exhausting. I often look at so many remarkable women and wonder how they do it. Elaine Welteroth is one of those women. In her tell-all memoir the former Editor-In-Chief of Teen Vogue shares how she climbed the ranks in the media and fashion world and kept her head along the way. With lessons about race, identity, and success Welteroth shares the joys and struggles of being a barrier-breaker.

You can pre-order More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) here and it will be available in shops from June 13.


“The October Man” by Ben Aaronovitch

The release of the seventh installment in Ben Aaronovitch’s fantasy series, The Rivers Of London, will come as no news to fans. More stories about the adventures of Peter Grant have been eagerly anticipated for a while now. The October Man differs from the previous six books and sees Grant journey beyond the confines of England to Tier, Germany. With a change of location comes a whole host of mysterious, interesting, and loveable new characters. If you are in need of an escape this summer The October Man will have you covered.

You can pre-order The October Man here and it will be available in shops from June 13.


“The Heartland” by Nathan Filer

Nathan Filer proved he is an incredibly talented fiction writer with his novel The Shock Of The Fall. He is back with The Heartland, an insight into the lives of people living with schizophrenia. As a former mental health nurse, Filer tells the happy but also heartbreaking stories of the people he has met with the complex condition. The collection of essays and anecdotes seriously challenges how we talk about mental health and schizophrenia.

You can pre-order The Heartland here or it will be available in shops from June 6.


“Afropean: Notes From Black Europe” by Johny Pitts

Afropean documents “areas where Europeans of African descent are juggling their multiple allegiances and forging new identities” as life moves fast and the movement of people is greater than ever. Speaking about his own experiences Pitts writes of the novel's creation, “with my brown skin and my British passport, still a ticket into mainland Europe at the time of writing, I set out in search of the Afropeans, on a cold October morning.” From Moscow to Paris, Pitts explores how two cultures have crossed and puts Afropeans at the front and centre of their story.

You can pre-order Afropean here or it will be available in shops from June 6.


“The Algebra Of Happiness” by Scott Galloway

By the time you hit your mid-twenties everything can feel a little bit stressful and chaotic. Scott Galloway gets that. In fact he has written an entire book about how even that one person you look to as being calm, collected, and successful loses it a little bit from time to time. In The Algebra Of Happiness Galloway sets out how to have a successful career, relationship, while minimising regret. Sound too good to be true? You will have to pick up a copy and see for yourself.

You can pre-order The Algebra Of Happiness here or it will be available in shops on June 13.


Seven gripping page turners which will whisk you away to a fantasy land or give you tips on how to thrive. These books aren't to be missed so all that's needed now is for you to set aside about of me time and find a secluded corner in which to relax.