5 New Books About Sex & Sexuality That Prove There's Always More To Explore

by Alice Broster
Marija Kovac/Stocksy

Whether you’re exploring your own, hearing about someone else’s, or learning something new, sex and sexuality are super interesting subjects. Sexuality is an incredibly complex thing, and I'm so glad our society appears to be moving towards a time where it is accepted in all its, and, in some cases, is celebrated for its diversity. One of the easiest ways to see explore sexuality is through reading, which allows you to hear others' stories, and to see what experts have to say. Here are five of the best books about sexuality released in 2019.

Whether you consider yourself to be a bit of a sexual goddess or have never had sex before, 2019 is the year to delve into some literature about this topic. It is never too late to learn something new, to better your sex life, and to deepen your understanding of what you’re into. Your sexuality is a really big part of what makes you you, and it should be given the attention it deserves.

I can’t help but feel spoiled by all of the books on sexuality coming out in 2019. There is something for everyone. So, I hope there's room on your night stand because it's about to get a whole lot more crowded after you read this list.


‘The Coitus Chronicles: My Quest for Sex, Love, and Orgasms’ by Olive Persimmon

Not having sex is just as much part of sexuality as the having it. Olive Persimmon has been in a self-described “sex rut” for five years, one month, and two days. In a bid to end this, she is challenged by a friend to “say yes” to experiences, to herself, and to life. This leads her to attending BDSM parties, interviewing porn stars, and even platonic tickling. She documents all of this in The Coitus Chronicles: My Quest for Sex, Love, and Orgasms. Undeniably funny, honest, and vulnerable, Persimmon's book shows the reader that it's okay to want to explore your own sexuality, and that you deserve to be happy.

Out June 2019, pre-order here.


‘Everyone Is A Freak’ by Marissa LaRocca

No matter who you are, and whatever your sexual preferences may be, it's likely that you have felt shame surrounding your sexuality and desires at some point in your life. While on the whole we have progressed in our thinking, sex is still seen as something you should keep to yourself. Marissa LaRocca rejects this. In Everyone Is A Freak she uses anecdotes, experts, and statistics to prove that, when it comes to sex, there is no such thing as normal.

Available here


‘Trans Power: Own Your Gender’ by Juno Roche

Who you are and how people perceive you is a weighty and complex subject matter. And when you don’t see yourself in the same way that others do, that can be crippling. Through talking to leading scholars as well as activists, Juno Roche highlights the diversity of trans identities and experiences when it comes love, bodies, sex, race and class in Trans Power. Roche urges trans people and the world at large to embrace a 'trans' identity as something that offers empowerment and autonomy.

Out Oct. 2019, pre-order here.


‘How To Have Feminist Sex’ by Flo Perry

Have you ever felt like a bad feminist because of something you have wanted to do in the bedroom? Maybe a desire to be completely submissive really conflicts with how you want to be treated outside the bedroom? Flo Perry gets it. Putting a microscope on consent, kinky desires, and why you should worry less about whether you are doing it right her mission is to get people talking in a more open, unashamed way about what they want out of every sexual encounter. Perry is a freelance illustrator and a former Buzzfeed contributor. Check out her Instagram for some doodling inspo.

Out Oct. 2019, pre-order here.


'It's Not About the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race' edited by Mariam Khan

In 2016 Mariam Khan heard David Cameron talking about the "traditional submissiveness" of Muslim women. She didn't identify any women in her life that way and couldn't understand why she was hearing about Muslim women from people that were neither Muslim nor women. It's Not About the Burqa is a collection of essays and pieces from seventeen Muslim women talking about everything from feminism, sexuality, identity, and race. Khan is highlighting what it really means to be a Muslim woman in the West today, including when it comes to sex.

Buy here.


I feel so incredibly excited that so many stories about sex, sexuality, and identity are being told in 2019. Feeling proud of who you are and knowing you have a voice and a community is key. When it comes to sexuality, there is no 'one size fits all' but there is definitely a book out there for everyone.