Here Are Just A Handful Of The Celebs Reportedly In Tiffany Trump's Friend Circle

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Before she was the president's daughter, Tiffany Trump was known for hanging out with celebrities, or rather their famous children. Developing a reputation as a relatively famous Instagrammer and Snapchatter, Trump's youngest daughter can sometimes appear to have a never ending list of cool places to be, and cooler people to hang out with.

This died down a bit — on social media, at least — as her father's political campaign gathered steam. For awhile, Tiffany was most frequently photographed with her family, or else at campaign events. But now that her father's position in the White House is relatively secure, it appears that Tiffany is slowly stepping back into the public eye.

For years, Tiffany and her famous friends have been popping up at charity events, fashion shows, and evenings out. Her cohorts run the gamut — they are fashion designers, actresses, models, and Instagram influencers.

They are frequently photographed by paparazzi, though perhaps more often by themselves. Dubbed the "Snap Pack" and the "rich kids of Instagram" several years ago, most of Tiffany's famous friends have been living in the limelight for decades, generally because they were either child actors or because they are children of celebrities. Tiffany, of course, had a similar childhood, and her social life follows suit.

Lindsay Lohan

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Most recently, Tiffany has been hanging out with actress Lindsay Lohan. Specifically, she spent time with Lohan in Mykonos, Greece.

Adam Warren

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Frequently, Tiffany appears in photos with fashion designer Adam Warren, a longtime friend of the president's daughter. The pair's friendship was first noticed in a major way when The New York Times profiled their group of friends, dubbing them the Snap Pack.

Naomi Biden

Earlier this summer, Tiffany made headlines when she appeared to be hanging out with none other than Naomi Biden — Joe Biden's granddaughter. Photos of the two took onlookers by surprise, largely because Donald Trump and Joe Biden are politically adversarial.

Sophie Simmons

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Not much is publicly known about Tiffany's possible friendship with Sophie Simmons, daughter of Gene Simmons. But the two appeared in photos together at a cancer benefit last spring, along with a rash of several other high-profile celebrity children.

Gaia Matisse

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Gaia Matisse, the great-great-granddaughter of painter Henri Matisse, was one of the original Snap Pack members, and has appeared in public with Tiffany a countless number of times.

Hayley Hasselhoff

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Actress and model Hayley Hasselhoff, another young social media star has also been publicly photographed with Tiffany. Similarly to Sophie Simmons, it's not clear how close they are, but they're known to be in the same social circle, according to Vanity Fair.

Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin, of Little Miss Sunshine fame, has purportedly been friends with Tiffany for years, according to Breslin. Like the others, there are Instagram posts to back their relationship up.

When you grow up in the spotlight, it only makes sense that you gravitate to people who know what that's like. Tiffany has definitely done this over the years. While it's impossible to know every single celebrity that she hangs out with, Instagram and the paparazzi offer some serious insights.