Clues That Drake & J. Lo Are Making Music Together

by Amy Roberts
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In such uncertain times, there's one thing that I know we can always rely on: the epic romantic musings of Drake. Whether he's expressing love to Rihanna in front of a live audience or simply documenting the ups and downs of his love life within his music, Drake is an unequivocal man of romance. So, the rumors that Drake and Jennifer Lopez could be dating are exciting, sure, but hardly surprising. And though I have all the heart-eye emojis in the world at the ready to celebrate such an official romantic coupling (as and when it ever becomes legit), I'm far more interested in the potential for the two to collaborate on a musical level. Out there right now are a number of clues that Drake and J. Lo have written a song together, and I might actually implode with joy if they have.

Of course, their potential for a musical collaboration isn't contingent on them being romantically involved. It is worth stating, however, that the idea of Drake and Lopez smooching up a storm in a recording studio somewhere definitely adds an extra layer of magic to whatever possible musical masterpiece they may or may not be cooking up together. What's important here, though, is that the pairing of her powerful and sultry vocal style with his heartbroken, romantic rhymes are a stupendously heavenly union that I'm eager to throw my money at immediately.

So please, let this be a thing. Because there are so many clues adding up in support of this theory that I've pretty much already started a heart-shaped music folder on my laptop called Dra-Lo in preparation for storing the sweet rewards of their possible duet:

Clue #1: Those Cosy Looking Instagram Pictures

This picture might appear to be suggesting some kind of romance between the two, but honestly? It also totally looks like an old school piece of music cover art for a killer duet. And, yes, I would like for that artwork to live happily among the soft-focus love portraits of my love ballad record collection.

Clue #2: Drake & J. Lo's Partying Antics At A Winter Wonderland Prom Party

Their appearance at a winter prom-style party (in which they were crowned King and Queen, because of course) has done little to quell the dating rumors either — especially since some videos show Drake and Lopez dirty dancing together at the party. There's also the eye popping evidence of them engaging in a seriously loved-up looking slow dance together while, I don't know, singing sweet nothings to each other.

But let's not rush to conclusions on that behalf. Because, sure, for those of us with a worrying fixation on Drake's love life, this video clip sure does look like confirmation of a love connection. But it also looks like some serious prepping for a potential upcoming music video featuring them both. These are two musical artists who clearly have a strong creative connection and look as though they're simply perfecting their chemistry together before they officially unleash it upon the world.

Clue #3: The Mysterious, Unfamiliar Song Played At Said Party

Having played this short video clip on a loop for the 500th time and analyzed everything that I possibly can about it, I've come to the following conclusions:

  1. This sounds like an unreleased track.
  2. It appears to feature the significantly recognizable vocals of both Drake and J. Lo.
  3. It, naturally, sounds like a love song.
  4. Drake appears to be singing the lyric "You need me to get that sh*t together" and I am absolutely living for it already.

Clue #4: Drake Has Recently Attended Two Of Lopez's Vegas Shows

As documented by several fans on social media and reported by several gossip sites, Drake attended at least two of J. Lo's Vegas shows at the start of December. Which certainly sounds like the actions of a man eager to impress one of America's greatest living performers in order to woo her into a musical collaboration with him.

Clue #5: Drake's Private Party In Which J. Lo Was His Guest

As reported by TMZ, Drake rented out Delilah restaurant in WeHo for a private party just before Christmas, and Lopez was his guest, along with around 20 other people. Definitely sounds like some kind of a business meeting or professional celebration to me. Perhaps a listening party for their new track?

Clue #6: Drake's New Album, More Life, Has Been Delayed Until January

Drake's manager Oliver El-Khatib announced on OVO Sound Radio that More Life will be released at the start of 2017, a touch later than its originally scheduled December 2016 release date. Drizzy himself confirmed the news on the above Instagram post.

Though four songs have already been released from the album, including “Fake Love” and “Sneakin'", deep down I'm living in hope that the album's delay is due to the last minute addition of a J. Lo and Drake duet.

Clue #7: Mysterious "Sources" Are Confirming Their Collaboration

Listen, sometimes anonymous sources are all that the world has to help them cling on to the hope that two megastars are making some sweet, literal music together. People Magazine, for instance, reported a quote from a source stating that music, rather than romance, is the prime motivator for Drake and Lopez spending so much time together, explaining, "they are spending a lot of time together and really enjoying each other, but right now it’s about the music". A TMZ source made a similar statement regarding Drake and Lopez in which they described the partnership as being "not what you would assume" but "clearly going in that direction." Yowza.

Now, listen. 2016 has been a miserable fever dream of a year, but I think that if we can get a Drake and J. Lo duet released at the start of 2017, then it could help to herald in a new year with the sort of joy and positivity that this past year has seriously lacked. Make it happen, universe. I'm counting on you.