A New Drake & J. Lo Song Could Be On Its Way

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So, remember the last time that Drake was rumored to be romantically linked to a fellow singer? You know, like when those cryptic pictures of him and Taylor Swift hanging out surfaced? As it turned out, there was no canoodling going on, except for the canoodling of minds to create new music together. Which brings me to my main point. A picture of Drake and Jennifer Lopez hanging out was posted on both artists' Instagram, causing fans to lose their minds even more so than the time with Swift. So, are Drake and J. Lo collaborating on a new song too? Because, um, yes please.

Arguably, things seem a wee bit more intimate this time around, as I did not see collaborators T. Swift and Drake full-body embracing in such a comfortable manner. But different people have different levels of affection. Who am I to judge how creative co-workers and friends mingle? Also, being that there's a Tumblr dedicated to Drake's stellar hugs, I get where J. Lo is coming from.

Besides, even if Drake and Lopez are dating, it does not mean that they aren't also making music together. The two entities aren't, and have hardly ever been, mutually exclusive. And a song by these two would be straight fire, would it not?

Apparently, it totally would be, and both Toronto and The Bronx's golden children know that. As a source told People last week after the first round of rumors surfaced after Drake and J. Lo took a selfie at her concert,

They’re making beautiful music together. They are spending a lot of time together and really enjoying each other, but right now it’s about the music.

Fast forward a few days, and it definitely doesn't seem to be just about the music, but who cares? We're most likely getting a Drake and J. Lo collaboration. Let us rejoice.

As the publication also points out, Drake saw her concert not once, but twice. If the two are working on music together, it makes total sense that he'd go for an encore performance. I mean, think about it. As a collaborator, Drake not only has to understand Lopez's own sound, but to also to grasp how her music comes to life on stage to best execute a duet between them.

If a romance happened to spark as the two sat down to put some lyrics to a beat, then it must mean the song is going to be that much better. I'm going to put out bets now that this potential song is going to be the song of the summer if released in time.