7 Cooking Shows On Netflix UK That All 'Bake Off' Fans Have To Watch


The long-awaited return of Britain's best-loved baking bonanza has thrilled fans of the Channel 4 cooking show. I am of course referring to The Great British Bake Off, which recently arrived back on our screens for a landmark tenth series. However, Bake Off is far from the only cooking show out there, and many of them are equally delicious. So if you're hoping broaden your tasty TV horizons, you've come to the right place, because I've whipped up a list of cooking shows on Netflix UK that may actually beat Bake Off. Yes, I went there.

The streaming platform boasts an impressive selection of culinary treats, all of which bring something different to the table. Subscribers can expect to enjoy tense competition-based shows such as Million Pound Menu and The Final Table — as well as more tongue-in-cheek options, including Nailed It and Worst Cooks in America. So, if cooking shows are your thing (because how could they not be?), you're sure to find something to suit your tastes on Netflix UK — and I've compiled a list of the best Great British Bake Off alternatives currently available on the streaming service.


'The Big Family Cooking Showdown'

The BBC's Big Family Cooking Showdown follows families across the UK who each have a passion for all things food. Throughout every episode, the competing families serve up their very best dishes, all with the hope of being crowned Britain's best home cooks.

Watch The Big Family Cooking Showdown on Netflix UK.


'The Final Table'

The global cooking competition The Final Table follows a team of professional chefs who set out to impress some of the world's toughest palates. The competing chefs are tasked with serving up iconic dishes from nine different nations — there's nothing amateur about this intense cook-off series.

Watch The Final Table on Netflix UK.


'Sugar Rush'

Time is of the essence in Netflix's Sugar Rush, which sees four professional teams race against the clock, and each other, for a chance to win a whopping cash prize of $10,000. As the show's title suggests, contestants are required to produce their best-tasting sweets, so viewers can expect an array of glorious confections and baked goods. A must watch for all Bake Off fans.

Watch Sugar Rush on Netflix UK.


'Nailed It!'

The Netflix original cooking series Nailed It! sees home bakers with a less-than impressive baking history take on some seriously daunting challenges — which include creating edible masterpieces fit for a king. The winning chef is awarded a massive $10,000 prize, however, not everything always goes to plan.

Watch Nailed It on Netflix UK.


'Million Pound Menu'

Million Pound Menu welcomes a lineup of aspiring restauranteurs, each of whom are handed the opportunity to open up their very own pop-up eateries. Contestants must aim to impress their paying customers, as well as a panel of well-respected UK investors — and the series is hosted by First Dates' own Fred Sirieix, which is a nice added bonus.

Watch Million Pound Menu on Netflix UK.


'Zumbo's Just Desserts'

Netflix's answer to Willy Wonka comes in the form of Adriano Zumbo, who fronts the dessert-centric cooking series Zumbo's Just Desserts. The competition show sees chefs battle it out for a staggering $100,000 prize, and their mind-blowing kitchen creations are more than enough reason to add this series to your must-watch list.

Watch Zumbo's Just Desserts on Netflix UK.


'Worst Cooks In America'

This U.S. cooking series centres around, well, the worst cooks in America. However, contestants are offered the ultimate culinary redemption as they strive to improve their kitchen skills, and battle it out to win a hefty $25,000 prize.

Watch Worst Cooks in America on Netflix UK.