10 Wedding Photo Trends To Avoid

In the past month, natural disasters have crashed two different stunning effect. Instead of harming guests and destroying months of planning, a wildfire in Oregon and tornado in Saskatchewan provided eye-catching backgrounds for two couples' wedding photos in the most serendipitous photobombs ever.

But with every wedding photo success there must be a wedding photo failure — a picture of a split-leaping groomsman kicking a bridesmaid in the nose, which went viral today, is testament to this. With that wonderful image in mind, I've collected 10 of the most unfortunate wedding photos on the Internet. I'd even go as far as to say they're better than the pant-ripping groom, because they're all 100 percent intentional.

1. The Groomsmen Boy Band

Heavy filter, Intense skyline. Uneven spacing. Faux-casual stances. Add some bad facial hair and a few guys whose names consist of just two letters (think AJ or JC) and you've got yourself a boy band.

2. The Flying V

Evidently, this photographer was taking tips from that '90s classic The Mighty Ducks when he shot this photo. This only serves to affirm my belief that the Flying V should be restricted to sporting matches and military combat.

3. The Fan

This pose reminds me of that scene in The Sound of Music where the Von Trapp children sing "So Long, Farewell," and pop out behind each other like cuckoo birds. Cute, but not a move I'd recommend for grown men.

4. Reliving Bridesmaids

Inspired by the film, a number of bridesmaids have taken to recreating the cover. Unless Bridesmaid's becomes a classic, this photo is sure to appear in "Awkward Wedding Photos" lists of the future...

5. The Bride vs. Groom Showdown

"I know, let's celebrate our union as husband and wife by pretending to have a fight to the death, just like they do in the movies!""Great idea, honey!"

Nope, nope, and nope. This is not a Western.

6. The Ninja Bride

Continuing in the domestic violence vein, we have the recent wedding photo trend where supposedly superhuman brides send their husbands flying across the photo frame. Admittedly, the level of commitment of the groom in the first photo almost makes it acceptable. However, the second one is inexcusably corny... the green Converse were a nice touch though...

7. Golf, Anyone?

I wonder whose idea this one was. The disapproving wife and cheeky husband is a theme that runs throughout wedding photography, and is a common feature in cake toppers. The odd angle of this photo reminds me of those cringe-worthy wedding photos that play with perspective, resulting in a pocket-sized bride or a groom that can be held in the palm of the bride's hand.

Image: shunevich24/Fotolia