7 Dirtiest British Comedies To Watch Because Everything Is Funnier With A Filthy Edge

Netflix/Sex Education

There's nothing I love more than a good laugh. Give me a stand up comedy gig or good sitcom any day of the week. It’s a blessing and a curse that in the UK we’re spoilt for choice with immense, hilarious shows. However, if you sense of humour is anything like mine, and firmly in the gutter, then it can be hard to find something that’s really funny. The more sarcasm and sexual escapades the better. So, here are the seven dirtiest British comedies hot right now.

Slapstick comedy is all well and good but it can sometimes feel like you’re watching a children's show. These sitcoms are definitely not for children's eyes and you probably won’t want to watch them with your parents either. And while Comedy may have been a man's world traditionally, it feels like serious strides have been made in the right direction to nurture female comedic talent. Shows like Sharon Horgan's Catastrophe highlighted that women are slightly rude and a little bit sexy as well as side splittingly hilarious. If you’re in need of some comedy with a bit of a flithy edge you need to check out these seven shows. You can thank me later.

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