The 7 Dirtiest British Comedies To Watch When You Want A Proper Laugh

Netflix/Sex Education
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There's nothing I love more than a good laugh. Give me a stand up comedy gig or good sitcom any day of the week. It’s a blessing and a curse that in the UK we’re spoilt for choice with immense, hilarious shows. However, if you sense of humour is anything like mine, and firmly in the gutter, then it can be hard to find something that’s really funny. The more sarcasm and sexual escapades the better. So, here are the seven dirtiest British comedies hot right now.

Slapstick comedy is all well and good but it can sometimes feel like you’re watching a children's show. These sitcoms are definitely not for children's eyes and you probably won’t want to watch them with your parents either. And while Comedy may have been a man's world traditionally, it feels like serious strides have been made in the right direction to nurture female comedic talent. Shows like Sharon Horgan's Catastrophe highlighted that women are slightly rude and a little bit sexy as well as side splittingly hilarious. If you’re in need of some comedy with a bit of a flithy edge you need to check out these seven shows. You can thank me later.


'Sex Education'

Sex Education is the coming of age comedy by Netflix that nearly broke Twitter when it first aired in Jan 2019. The story follows Otis and Maeve as they set up a sex therapy clinic for students at their school. With an A list cast including Gillian Anderson, who plays the most sex positive, forward mum to be displayed on screen since Barbra Streisand in Meet The Fockers, you won’t be able to take your eyes off Sex Education. But it’s definitely NSFW.

You can watch it here.



Sometimes you’ve got to laugh because if you don’t, you might cry. Drifters walks that very fine line. With questionable exes, grand plans that never come to fruition, and nights out that are probably best forgotten Drifters is like watching all of your messiest adventures with your friends played out on screen unfiltered. The series starts as Meg and Bunny have to end their gap year prematurely and are met by friend, Laura at the airport with a very unwelcome guest.

You can watch it here.



It seems almost wrong to compile a list of the seven dirtiest British comedy and not to include Phoebe Waller Bridge’s amazing creation, Fleabag. With two series, both as successful and hilarious as one another, if you’ve not seen Fleabag yet I implore you to go and watch it now. From having some alone time to one of Barack Obama’s speeches to giving the nation a sexual complex about priests it’s undeniably funny and completely dirty.

You can watch it here.



Lovesick depicts the hilarious highs and mortifying lows of negotiating life when you're young, broke, and single. The series follows misguided Dylan, super cool Evie, and loveable scoundrel Luke as well as their many dates as they try to figure out who the one actually is, if they exist at all. Incredibly funny, with its fair share of hot scenes, Lovesick is the perfect British comedy to marathon over a free weekend. You won’t be able to watch some parts because they’re so cringy, but you’ll be crying with laughter.

You can watch it here.



Have you ever wondered what it would be like living as a property guardian with six quirky strangers in an abandoned hospital? Crashing lifts the lid on the messy lives of unhappy engaged couple Anthony and Kate, Anthony's childhood sweetheart Lulu, sex obsessed Sam, mysterious artist Melody, and her muse Martin. If you’re into love triangles and serious relationship drama then Crashing is for you because between laughing and the sexy scenes you’ll be hooked.

You can watch it here.



Cucumber is the 2015 series written by Russel T Davies so you know it’s going to be good. The show explores what it’s like to be gay in twenty first century Britian through Lance and Henry’s relationship. After nine years they decided to go on a break and for the first time Henry has to negotiate dating with completely different rules to the decade before. With lots of sexy scenes and even more giggles, this will remind you why dating can be hilarious.

You can watch it here.



Marnie is having intrusive thoughts. In a bid to escape her problems and work out what’s going on in her mind she makes the snap decision and gets on a bus to move to London. Between seeing strangers on the tube getting hot and heavy (in her mind) and trying to hold down a job and flat she meets Amber, Sheeran, and Joe. Hilarious, heartwarming, and hot, you will fall in love with Pure.

You can watch it here.


If you need a new series to get through and aren't shy of more than a few raunchy scenes then these British sitcoms are for you. There'll be no shortage of laughs and they may even make you blush.