7 DIY Moisturizer Recipes To Combat Dry Skin In Cold & Windy Weather


Chilly temps, windy weather, and intense indoor heating means you have to take extra steps in the winter to help keep your skin as hydrated as possible. These seven DIY moisturizer recipes to combat dry skin this winter will nourish your skin and you might even have all the ingredients lying around. Time to raid the kitchen!

While I am all about the magic of snow covering Manhattan (and thus briefly eliminating the sweet, acrid smell of rotting garbage), my sensitive Texan-born and long time Los Angeles-residing skin is never fully prepared for the intensity of the season. Last year I was in such deep denial that winter was going to be so long and cold it took me until like, February to overhaul my skincare routine.

My face had gotten so dry and itchy, I knew my standard strategy of a little sunscreen would no longer be sufficient if I wanted to not constantly be rubbing my skin. As I do in most life crises, I turned to Pinterest for help.

Luckily, a plethora of amazing beauty bloggers popped up with their best DIY moisturizers for winter and below I've rounded up my absolute favorites. Each one is simple to make, doesn't require crazy expensive ingredients, and didn't clog my pores.

Try these amazing DIY moisturizers to fix your dry skin stat.

1. Mix'n'Match Facial Oil

(Rosehip Seed Oil, $10.50, Majestic Pure)

I'm freaking obsessed with the Crunchy Betty blog, a natural beauty blog featuring reviews, recipes, and lessons on how to live more sustainably and naturally. One of my favorite posts of hers is one about creating your own facial oil specific to your face's needs. While Crunch Betty says it took her a while to figure out her favorite combination, my personal nourishing go-to is a combination of Jojoba, Rosehip Seed oil, and Lavender. Not only does it feel incredible on my skin, but it also smells amazing.

2. Moisturizing Beeswax Whip

(Beeswax Pellets, $10.90, Stakich)

Green Thickies blog created a super luxurious moisturizing whip recipe. You'll need a stovetop and electric stove, but it comes together quickly. She calls for olive oil, coconut oil, your favorite essential oil (again, I vote lavender!), and beeswax pellets.

3. Gentle Aloe Moisturizer

(Aloe Vera Gel, $8, Fruit Of The Earth)

This one from SayNotSweetAnne is my favorite if I've spent the day skiing, as I often end up with both dry and sunburned skin. It also requires a stovetop, along with aloe vera gel, almond oil, coconut oil, and whatever essential oil you want.

4. Coconut Oil-Free Moisturizer

(Raw Shea Butter, $14.95, Better Shea Butter)

Given how popular coconut oil is, sometimes it's nice to take a break. This DIY moisturizer recipe from LiveSimply focuses on shea butter and tea tree oil to cleanse and hydrate your skin even on the coldest days. You'll need to melt down the shea butter, but this recipe is one of the fastest I've found!

5. Olive Oil & Sugar Scrub

(Olive Beautifying Oil, $14, The Body Shop)

Wellness Mama is the mastermind behind this super nourishing facial scrub that clears away itchy dead skin cells. All you need to make it happen is a 1/2 cup sugar and a 1/2 cup olive oil. You can add essential oils if you want, though!

6. Cinnamon Coffee Scrub

(Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, $3.86, Navitas Naturals)

If your skin is feeling dry and lackluster, it needs a caffeine boost! Free People's blog concocted this epic DIY coffee scrub recipe that combines ground coffee, coconut palm sugar, coconut oil, and cinnamon. Don't blame me if people want to come up and lick your face.

7. Lavender Coconut Moisturizer

(Lavender Oil, $13.89, Majestic Pure)

Out of every moisturizer I've listed, I'd say this DIY lavender coconut moisturizer from NaturalAndHealthyLiving is the one I make the most. All you need is coconut oil, liquid vitamin E, and lavender essential oil. Mix them together and that's it!