7 Hacks To Take Your Whipped Dalgona Coffee Up A Notch

by Syeda Khaula Saad
7 Easy Dalgona Coffee Hacks To Take The Whipped Drink Up A Notch
Zaineb Louchahi / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

If you haven't heard of the viral Dalgona coffee trend, you're missing out, and if you have heard of and tried it, you're most likely super hooked and have been whisking up the coffee every day. And while the coffee is worth every whisk, there are some hacks for making Dalgona coffee that can make that first sip a lot more satisfying (and easier to get to).

Though I'm on social media constantly (especially within quarantine), I'm not a huge TikTok user, which is where the recent trend went viral. My 17-year-old niece, however, is, and is the reason why I even found out about the trend. Since social distancing guidelines went into effect, I've been waking up in the mornings and hearing her aggressively whisking something like clockwork. I finally asked what she was doing and she encouraged me to try some. Though she's younger than me, my niece is way bigger of a coffee drinker than I am, so her Dalgona coffee was a little too bitter for my taste. But after some trial and error and a whole lot of teamwork, we managed to think of a few hacks that would help us make the coffee easier and enjoy it even more.


Use Brown Sugar Instead Of White Sugar

Brown sugar has a softer consistency making it an easier substance to whisk and dissolve than regular sugar. By replacing your white sugar with brown sugar, you'll be able to make your coffee quicker. Plus, brown sugar is a healthier substitute.


Use A Frother

Whisking the Dalgona coffee by hand can be tiring. (Who wants to work that hard for coffee, anyway?) To keep yourself from having to spend a long time whisking the coffee yourself, try using a frother, if you have one. Because it's electric, you can just turn it on and let it do all the work for you.


Add Cinnamon

If you drink your Dalgona coffee hot, it can be a warm and cozy idea to add a pinch of cinnamon. It may not be winter, but you might as well give yourself the sensation of being at Starbucks on a cold day. Plus, who doesn't love extra cinnamon?


Make It A Whipped Vanilla Coffee

If you need a little more flavor in your Dalgona coffee, you can make it a whipped vanilla coffee instead. Do this by adding half a tablespoon of vanilla extract, a dash of salt, and some cornstarch to add thickness to the coffee. Voila! Look at you, you little barista.


Add Caramel

The Dalgona coffee is super strong for me, so I like to add caramel to mine. This gives it a sweeter taste and the extra kick I need to start my day (in quarantine). My go-to is the Ghirardelli Caramel Premium Sauce, which you can get in a pack of two (17 ounces each) on Amazon for less than $15.


Make It Vegan

The great thing about the Dalgona coffee recipe is that you can use any type of milk you want. This includes non-dairy choices. Whether you want to use oat, coconut, or cashew milk, the choice (and flavor) is up to you.


Make Tomorrow's Coffee Too

If you don't want to whip (or whisk) up the coffee everyday, the cream can kept overnight in the refrigerator. This way, you can make as much as you want to for the next few days and just add the other ingredients whenever you want some coffee. It's like meal prepping except with caffeine!

Whether you're a big coffee drinker like my niece or keep it simple like me, these Dalgona coffee hacks can make your mornings more delicious the way you want.