7 Easy Instant Pot Recipes That Only Need Three Ingredients

Peeking into a nearly empty pantry you might assume that there's nothing to make. But things are not as they seem! Resist the urge to order in for your meal and whip together something that'll wow you. This reality can be achieved with easy Instant Pot recipes that only need three ingredients. You'll surprise yourself with how much can be made with only a few ingredients.

This is magic. Basically. With these recipes you're pretty much bippity-boppity-booing common ingredients into a crystal carriage, or, Salsa Pork Chops. These recipes allow you to be your own fairy godmother in the kitchen. The wave a wand, or in this case a wooden spoon, is encouraged but not required.

And the best part is that these recipes, requiring little effort, truly ask nothing more of you other than to combining ingredients in the magical machine we refer to as the Instant Pot. This game changing kitchen essential has made after-work or before-work cooking a breeze thanks to its mostly hands off convenience. According to CNBC, Instant Pot sales broke records on Prime Day in 2018, selling out in only 19 hours. Which means, you probably have one. And now, you have 7 three ingredient recipes to try making in it.