7 Easy Side Hustles For Making Extra Cash ASAP

by Natalia Lusinski

Money is a feminist issue — and yet, women are still reluctant to talk about it. According to a recent Bustle survey of more than 1,000 Millennial women, more than 50 percent of people said they never discuss personal finances with friends, even though 28 percent reported feeling stressed out about money every single day. Bustle's Get Money series gets real about what Millennial women are doing with their money, and why — because managing your finances should feel empowering, not intimidating.

You may be curious about finding a side hustle, but not just any side hustle — you want an easy side hustle! Well, the good news is, there are plenty of them out there. The key is finding not only typical ones, but also more off-the-radar ones. Plus, ones you may think don't pay, DO pay! You'll see. But where do you begin?!

Well, Allie Madison, 22, started her side hustle using the site Fiverr, where — yep — you get paid $5 and up for everything from proofreading someone's cover letter to helping someone with a relationship issue. The best part is, you think of skills you have and advertise them — then, someone hires you on a task-to-task basis. Easy, huh? The site states that it's "the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs." Once you check it out, you'll likely agree.

So What Did Madison Do?

She started using Fiverr — and has made over six figures (!) selling her video editing and acting services on the site. W-o-w, right?! "The summer before college, I was just another 18-year- old working a minimum wage job as a lifeguard in my hometown — and I hated it," Madison tells Bustle. "One day, I was Googling ways to make money online when I came across Fiverr. I began creating commercials and promotional videos for $5, and, before I knew it, I was running a budding online business and able to increase my prices — thanks to the quality of my work and the reviews I received from customers. While I still contract a lot of my work through Fiverr, I now run a successful marketing company, Cyber Way Marketing, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with being self-employed."

Madison just goes to show that a side hustle is just a few clicks — or metaphorical steps — away! Here are some easy side hustles you can begin right now, because there's no time like the present! Plus, your wallet and/or bank account will thank you, whether you save the money or spend it.



Like I said, there are so many possibilities on services you can offer to people on Fiverr — starting at rates of $5 and going up from there. Once you take a look around the site, you can compare and contract what others are charging, and so on.



TaskRabbit is another great side hustle, as you can use skills you have — like gift wrapping, for instance — and do them for others… and get paid for it! You can set whatever rates you'd like. Again, I'd explore the site first and see what others are charging for the same work.

Honestly, this very moment, make a list of at least 10 things you enjoy doing "on the side," so to speak. Then, advertise those things on TaskRabbit or Fiverr and see what happens!



Of course, like with the above side hustles, with Uber, you have flexibility. Many drivers have told me they're their own boss — and it's true. Yes, they still have a boss, but driving for Uber is not like reporting to the office from 9-5 each day. I know some drivers who work set hours for themselves, trying to reach a daily or weekly monetary goal, while others do it when they have the time. For instance, I met one guy who does it to and from his 9-5 day job. Smart, huh?!



Isn't it the worst when something comes up — like an emergency meeting — but no one's around to watch your dog?! That's where you come in! With Rover, you can be that go-to person that someone contacts to help watch their dog — or any pet, really. The app has over 65,000 users, and if you're an animal lover, the work won't feel like work, you know? It's a win-win for the pet owners as well as you (i.e., a fun job and extra money in the bank).



I know what you're thinking — you live in your place and it's a studio or one-bedroom, so you can't Airbnb it out. Well, as long as you're in an area where it's allowed, consider it. After all, chances are, you spend several nights at your boyfriend or girlfriend's place anyway. And, even if you don't, if one of you Airbnbs a room or your whole place out — let's say for a month or two — you can do a temporary living-together situation and make money for the two of you to do something fun together. Thailand, anyone?! Nowadays, you can also create a "local experience" on Airbnb, led by you. Getting paid for sharing a "local experience" with an out-of-towner?! Why not?!



With Turo, you rent out your car. As you may know, living in certain cities, like L.A., is challenging if you don't have a car. One year, I had a job walking distance from my house, so I walked — while my car just sat at home all day. Had I known about Turo, I definitely would have used it! It reminds me of Airbnb, but with cars. Whether you deliver the car to the renter at a specified location or whether they come get it from you, it honestly couldn't be an easier to make some extra money through this site. And, as I suggested above, if you have a significant other (or even roommate) and you two carpool a lot, why not rent out one of your vehicles for some extra moola?!


There are a LOT of online tutoring sites out there, but is pretty known when it comes to companies in the field. There are many areas of expertise, from math and finance to essay writing and ESL. Plus, they need language tutors, too — so it could be the perfect time to break out your other-language skills! After you pass an exam in your preferred field, then your application is reviewed. The people you'll tutor? They range from students (K-12) to college and adult learners. And — let's face it — there's not much better than the satisfaction of helping someone learn something you're passionate about, right?!

Of course, there are SO MANY more side jobs you can do aside from the aforementioned. But, hopefully, they gave you some inspiration! Speaking of side hustles, if you need even ~more~ inspiration, there's even a website called Side Hustle Nation where you can find out a ~ton~ about the side hustle, whether it's looking for ideas or you want more info on side hustle resources and tools. You can also take Side Hustle Nation's two-minute quiz to see what side of hustle is right for you. I tried it, and it really did take just two minutes! What was their advice for me? That I should be a writer! And they were right — in addition to my main hustle being a writer, I do freelance writing projects, too (from proofreading and editing to writing dating profiles and TV scripts). So you, too, can try their quiz and see what they advise. Plus, you never know when your side hustle will turn full-time, like Madison's! #SideHustleGoals!

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