7-Eleven Just Launched A Chips Ahoy Hot Cocoa & It's A '90s Kid DREAM

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

Hot chocolate isn't just hot chocolate anymore. No, it is far more than that. For a long time, there was only one choice you needed to make when it came to personalizing your mug of sweet, rich cold weather elixir was whether to add marshmallows on top. But as of late, hot chocolate is finally being recognized for its versatility. In reality, hot chocolate is a blank canvas just begging to be altered in some fashion. Luckily, the folks at 7-Eleven recognize that and have unveiled something truly marvelous: Chips Ahoy! Flavored Hot Cocoa.

According to a press release sent to Bustle, the folks at 7-Eleven will have Chips Ahoy! Flavored Hot Cocoa for the entire 2019 winter season. A drinkable dessert, the cookie-inspired hot cocoa is described as tasting like “a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie in a cup, layered with milk chocolate, and creamy richness.” People have dipped Chips Ahoy! cookies dipped in milk for almost as long as the treat has been around. Dipping Chips Ahoy! in warm, chocolate milk seems like an obvious next step during the colder months. But, actually mixing the flavor of a Chips Ahoy! cookie with the liquid hot cocoa to be sipped? A revolutionary, delicious feat.

In a press release sent to Bustle, Jacob Barnes, the director of proprietary beverages. at 7-Eleven said, "Almost everyone loves hot chocolate and hot chocolate chip cookies, and we wanted to bring the two together into one rich, delicious drink... Our flavored hot chocolates are especially popular in the winter months with customers of all ages."

7-Eleven's decision to add Chips Ahoy! flavor to hot cocoa was, in part, made by following customer trends. Nabisco's Chips Ahoy! brand cookies are the second most popular packaged cookies in the U.S., second only to Oreo cookies. The company took this statistic into account when deciding what to add to its winter beverage menu.

But, this isn't the first time 7-Eleven has mixed cookies with cocoa. Aforementioned press release notes that in 2015, 7-Eleven stores sold Oreo hot cocoa, and it turned out to be the best-ordered limited-time offer of the year. After customers requested a mint-flavored drink, the retailer created a mint Oreo hot chocolate in 2017.

Preparing hot cocoa to taste like fresh-bake cookies appear to be a widespread trend that appeared virtually overnight. Land O' Lakes, a brand you might no typically associate with anything other than butter, was perhaps first to launch the trend. Land O'Lakes Cookie Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix has been spotted in various grocery stores around the country, and has been available on Amazon for a little while, too. But it would appear only now is the internet starting to pay attention. Each both of Land O' Lakes Cookie Flavored Hot Cocoa comes with 12 sleeves with four different flavors of mix. You have your choice of gingerbread, snickerdoodle, oatmeal, or sugar cookie hot cocoa.

You read that correctly: the Land O' Lakes Cookie Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix does not come with a Chocolate Chip-inspired flavor. You're going to have to head to 7-Eleven for that. Find Chips Ahoy! Hot Cocoa at participating 7-Eleven locations nationwide throughout the rest of winter.