You Can Buy Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa In 4 Flavors — Including SNICKERDOODLE


If you live in the mid-Atlantic, chances are you can already guess what is making headlines today. Certain areas on the east coast — namely Washington, D.C.— were hit by massive amounts of snow over the weekend. When you're a kid, snow days consist of sledding, snow angels, and a whole lot of warming up inside with hot cocoa. As it turns out, snow days aren't so different when you're an adult. But, now you have some variety when it comes to tummy-warming sips. Arguably most exciting is the cookie-flavored hot cocoa you can get on Amazon.

To say people are excited about the discovery of cookie-flavored hot cocoa would be an understatement. Instagram user @candyhunting, who documents unique and notable food finds for the most devoted of sweet lovers, posted a photo of Land O'Lakes Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix less than 24 hours ago. In that time, the photo has accrued more than 2,500 likes and counting.

Spotted in Hy-Vee (a midwestern grocery chain), a package of Land O'Lakes Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix comes with 12 sleeves with four different flavors of mix. You have your choice of gingerbread, snickerdoodle, oatmeal, or sugar cookie hot cocoa. It has gotta be the most delicious thing you can sip on outside of a bakery.

But before you get too excited, you might have to put in some work to find a box of the stuff. In the caption for her post, @candyhunting said it took her more than a year to find cookie-flavored hot cocoa in stores.

As scrumptious as it sounds, cookie-flavored hot cocoa is actually turning the tables on a prominent snack trend this year. Rather than fancy flavored hot cocoa, other products flavored like the classic, rich winter beverage have been popping up en masse.

In November, Dairy Queen kicked off the winter season by bringing back a chillier take on the cookie and hot cocoa combo: the Oreo Hot Cocoa Blizzard. A part of the holiday blizzard menu, the Oreo Hot Chocolate Blizzard featured, per Dairy Queen, "Oreo cookie pieces and cocoa fudge blended with creamy DQ vanilla soft serve blended to Blizzard perfection and topped with whipped topping." Think of it as a cookies and cream ice cream treat but with a hot cocoa-flavored base as opposed to the traditional vanilla. Chocolate haters need not inquire.

The essence of hot cocoa has also found its way into less traditional snacks, like popcorn. Angie's BoomChickaPop is an innovative popcorn brand that gathers flavor inspiration from atypical sources. Last year, it debuted Hot Cocoa Marshmallow kettle corn as a member of its holiday line of snacks. You may have had traditional kettle corn in the past, that is popcorn that has been popped with sugar to give it some sweetness. The Hot Cocoa Marshmallow kettle corn is modeled after the classic, and adds chocolate and marshmallow drizzles to each kernel of popcorn.

Angie's BoomChickaPop

Snow days aren't what they used to be; now they have more snacks. You can find Cookie Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix on Amazon — though if you can track it down in a store you'll probably end up paying less.