7 Fascinating Things No One Ever Taught You About Showering


Most of us take showers the same exact way everyday and don't even think twice about it. But unfortunately, not all showers are created equal, and the way you take a shower may not be optimal for your health. In fact, there are likely many things no one ever taught you about showering, and once you know about the right way to bathe yourself, you might be surprised to find how many improvements you can see in your skin.

"Showering is often a hurried exercise that is a means of getting clean quickly and with convenience," dermatologist Melanie Palm, MD, MBA, tells Bustle. "We often squeeze in a few minutes for the whole exercise, without much thought to a consistent routine or skincare product choices that are good for skin."

Because many of us aren't taking the time to understand showers, and we don't realize that some of our typical habits are actually harming our skin. There aren't exactly lectures online to help guide us when it comes to cleaning up, which is why Bustle consulted the experts to help give you the low down on all things showering. Here are seven fascinating things no one likely ever taught you about showering.