7 Fragrance Discovery Sets That'll Save You Money & Help You Find A New Fave Scent

bride applying perfume on her wrist

Fragrance is a booming industry within beauty, but it is increasingly becoming the most expensive, hard-to-navigate area. If you're someone who changes your mind often, committing to a full sized bottle of perfume that costs £50+ can really seem a bit ridiculous. This is where the genius of fragrance discovery sets comes in; a lot more purse-friendly, easy to carry on the go and a great way to find something new, they are brilliant for so many reasons:

  1. They're ideal for birthdays: You know when you want to buy a friend, family member or loved one a scent, but can't quite figure out what their fragrance vibe is? This is where discovery sets come in especially handy. Perfume is a very personal thing, so picking out a full sized version is the definition of taking a leap of faith. You'll be doing yourself a favour, as well as the recipient, by getting a box instead.
  2. They allow you to test the brand while saving money: While I am a huge perfume fan, I can admit that a lot of fragrances these days are ridiculously overpriced. A full sized bottle from a high end brand can easily cost way over the £100 mark, and if you're fickle like me, that's just too much of a long term commitment. If you fancy sizing up a specific perfume brand, or just want to find your perfect scent, picking up a discovery set is the perfect option, before you go and drop all your hard earned cash on an expensive 100ml bottle.
  3. You can take them away on holiday: Trying to take a perfume away with you on holiday is an age-old dilemma. In the past, I've decided it's too much of a faff to bring one because of the size/glass bottles/spillage possibilities, then found I am hating not having one with me. Discovery sets offer old classics and new favourites in convenient, travel-friendly small vials, and because they're always under 100ml, you can even take them on board with you for spritzing after a long-haul flight.

Convinced? Here are seven of the very best: