Huda Beauty's New Fragrance Line Will Make You Rethink Your Approach To Perfume

by Sophie McEvoy

I don't know about you, but I find this point of November super stressful. Why? Christmas shopping. Yes, those dreaded two words that come with not knowing what on earth you're going to give your family and friends. Well, what if I were to tell you that Huda Beauty are releasing a new perfume range? Yep, it's actually happening. Obviously you're gonna to want to know where to buy the Huda Beauty fragrances in the UK, so don't fret because I've got you covered.

In an official statement, Huda Beauty revealed that the Kayali range will be available this Friday (Nov. 16), at Selfridges, Harrods, Net-a-Porter,, and The four fragrances of the collection are 100ml and priced at £84.

Kayali, which translates as "my imagination" in Arabic, is "the vision of Huda and Mona Kattan of Huda Beauty," and is "inspired by the rich heritage and simple sophistication of the Middle East." The concept behind these fragrances is pretty unique to the two sisters, and it's all to do with the idea of layering different scents on top of one another, as Huda recently pointed out in a blog post on their website.

"Fragrance is such a personal experience that I never really knew where to begin until my sister Mona showed me her technique of layering different scents," she explained. "The concept is like nothing you've ever seen before, and it allows you to create your own truly unique fragrance identity by layering different scents."

With these four irresistible scents, each and every one have been designed to be combined together as you see fit. As described in the brand's official statement, the four fragrances create "a spectacular symphony of unexpected ingredients, tantalising textures and luxurious oils, the exclusive scents are a love story of opposites: the otherworldly and the familiar; the sensual and the sparkling, the strong and the delicate."

In other words, the collection — comprised of Elixir, Vanilla, Musk, and Citrus — combine the luscious smells of florals, fruits, and other natural scents individually for you to create whatever suits your imagination. KAYALI is basically crafted around you.

"When we were creating this collection, we wanted to do something completely different that would allow you to explore your creative side so that you can express your personality, your mood, and every single layer of you," Huda explained. "That's why we created four fragrances that work in harmony and allow you to layer and build your own unique scent to embody whatever it is you want to feel that day."

Interestingly, the sisters explained to British Vogue that the collection has taken a different direction to the famed beauty brand. "The look and feel of Kayali is quite different to Huda Beauty, with a new distribution and communications strategy," explained Huda. "We wanted Kayali to be its own brand — because we wanted it to have its own moment, its own strong moment."

In the same interview, Huda also noted that Kayali Collection 02 is already in development for 2019, though most exciting was her admission that "the first of many sub-brands" for Huda Beauty. Eek. Stay tuned, people.