Funny Memes For National Wine Day That Will Make You Go “It Me”

In addition, of course, to drinking lots of wine, you might want to consider browsing a few funny wine memes for National Wine Day on May 25, because, as you might suspect, internet jokes get even funnier after a few glasses of vino.

Personally, on Friday, May 25, I plan on spending my day fantasizing about all the fun ways in which I will celebrate National Wine Day. Please note that I spend many Fridays day-dreaming about wine, but this is a special occasion, so it's worth noting. Then, once the work day is over, I will stock up on some of my favorite wines — taking advantage, of course, of available Wine Day deals and specials — and then I will begin drinking wine. I might invite some friends over the share the wealth, or I might dive into a solo Scandal marathon because no one understands the love of wine quite like Olivia Pope — who knows? The world is my oyster!

Last, but not least, I will also make my way to the internet to look at a few memes that are #relevant. So, to make that part of the night easier for the both of us, I've put together a list of wine memes that are thematically on point and will certainly make you laugh after a night of indulging. To prove this point, give this list a skim in your sober mind, and then bookmark it to recheck at the end of your National Wine Day celebration.

Yeah, There's A Pretty Good Chance Of Wine Tonight

Sometimes you can tell pretty early on in the day whether or not wine is in the cards for later that night. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and can already tell I'm going to be pouring wine by dinner time.

It's A Real Fear, Look It Up

Raise your hand if you show up to a party with a crate of wine because you life in fear that you'll be stuck at a great party with a not-so-great collection of wine.


If you keep your wine consumption confined to the weekends, Friday holds a biblical level of importance. Every day in the week is just one day closer to Friday.


Don't you hate when you to the store to get a lot of important groceries that you really need, and come home with a few bottles of wine and literally don't know what happened? Yeah. Same. Every time.

Let's Be Honest

I mean, can you honestly taste oak? And if you do, do you really enjoy drinking something that tasted like melted wood? Come on, you don't need to make excuses for taking so many sips.

I Mean, Look At A Map

I try to make an effort to never go to a party without a bottle of wine. It never goes unappreciated!

That's One Way Of Looking At It!

Drinking straight from the bottle also saves you from dirty dishes, which makes it not only a more optimistic way of drinking, but a more ecologically sustainable way of drinking, too!