7 Steamy AF 'GoT' Fan Fictions That Have The Plot Lines You *Really* Need


Whether you are a die-hard fan or haven’t seen an episode in your life there is no avoiding the fact that Game of Thrones has returned for the eighth and final series. While there are so many shows with loyal fan followings, GoT is a little bit special. There are whole areas of the internet dedicated to complex fan fiction and theories. Some of it is seriously wild. Read on for the seven Game of Thrones sexual fan fiction stories you really can't miss.

I'm a lover not a fighter, and while GoT has served more than its fair share of death scenes and misery, I am always here for speculation of romance and a sordid love affair. It turns out that there are more than a few GoT fans who feel the same.

As a show, GoT is hardly prudish, and fans have already borne witness to some pretty dysfunctional relationships. Thrown straight into the deep end, season one introduced Cersei and Jaime Lannister’s incestuous sex secret. Ramsay and Myranda Bolton were perfectly matched in their evilness but their relationship wasn’t exactly #couplegoals. Then, my least favourite pairing of all: Joeffrey Baratheon and Sansa Stark. A disaster from start to finish. I was not upset to see the end of that.

While I'm sure both George RR Martin and HBO put a lot of thought into pairing off characters, it hasn’t stopped fans from shipping their own couples and inventing some pretty saucy trysts. Check out the best below.


Cersei Lannister & Petyr Baelish AKA Littlefinger

Cersei Lannister has been evil since day one and she has more than proved that she will do basically anything to see herself at the top. Until he met his rather gory end in Season 7, Petyr Baelish AKA LittleFinger was equally power-hungry and scheming. It is hardly a surprise that fans have been putting the pair together in their own stories since Season 1.

The pair have been two of the most vindictive characters from the start of GoT and their fan fiction reflects it. One story by Archive Of Our Own user ladyaugusta sees Cersei running for high office. She's in need of a rich and influential husband to improve her image and who better than Petyr Baelish? It's not a marriage born out of love — if either of these two are capable of that — but their relationship makes for great reading, if they don't kill each other first.


Cersei Lannister & Jon Snow

Fans who have been shipping Cersei Lannister and Jon Snow may be a little closer to their fan fiction coming to life than others for one pretty important reason — both characters have made it to Season 8. The fan fiction about this pair goes a little deeper because it could have some serious political and plot-based consequences. As The International Business Times highlights, “If Jon Snow marries Cersei Lannister, then he will have the army of both the King's Landing and Winterfell, which can actually help him defeat the White Walkers."

If you are into slow-burners and steamy tales then you have to take a look at this fan fiction by Archive Of Our Own user theeaglegirl. In this particularly story, Jon is unhappy after marrying Cersei to prevent the outbreak of war and protect Sansa. Their relationship consists of heated arguments and the constant threat of her murdering him in his sleep. But on their wedding night something switches and Jon doesn't find it hard at all to fall for her temptations. The term hate sex springs to mind.


Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen

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It feels like an age ago that fans started speculating that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen might make a good couple. Speculative GoT super fans predicted that something would happen between the two of them long before anyone guessed that Daenerys was Jon's aunt. It isn’t like incest is uncommon in GoT so there’s no wonder fans thought this ship was plausible even after that secret was revealed.

Some fans have managed to push the ick of incest to one side to create some pretty gripping fan fiction. As Jon and Daenerys grew closer in the series fans pointed out that they should be way more than just friends. In this Archive Of Our Own story by user secretlover, as the pair hang out more and get closer they cross the boundary of friendship but may live to regret it.


Daenerys Targaryen & Yara Greyjoy

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The most eligible lesbian on GoT and the Mother of Dragons — the fan fiction basically writes itself. The pair were electric on screen, sending fans into overdrive at the prospect of a seriously iconic lesbian power couple. In reality, it definitely would have been a plot twist and at the rate that GoT’s characters die it would have been short-lived but it doesn’t mean that the relationship isn't alive and well in fan fiction.

Yara and Daenerys' wedding has been described across the internet and will really get you in the feels. One story by Archive Of Our Own user Subtextismygod describes how Yara is in need of a wife and Daenerys is in need of someone to stand by her side. As they walk down the aisle, having never met, they instantly connect. In this tale, the making of the most powerful couple on GoT is super sweet and a little bit saucy.


Brienne of Tarth & Jaime Lannister

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While some have struggled to see it, many fans have speculated that a romance between Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister is just a rom-com waiting to be written. They have had their fair share of intense meetings and fiery moments. She is a superior fighter to him and a very moral character (as much as you can be on GoT.) She also isn’t a direct relation of his which is always a plus in Westeros.

In this story by Archive Of Our Own user serenascampbell, Brienne learns a lot about Jaime very quickly after taking him captive and soon develops a fixation. And once he's released he realises he can't leave her side. This is a tale of seriously fiery romance.


Arya Stark & Gendry

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I love it when a story comes together and while some of the GoT fan theories have proved themselves to be a little outlandish this certainly wasn’t one of them. Fans of the show were thrilled after the steamy sex scene between the pair in episode three of the most recent series. They have been keeping secrets for each other since the day they met and it's one of the most wholesome love story lines to come out of the entire series. I'm so here for it.

After their steamy love scene the internet exploded with theories about Arya and Gendry but none were quite as good as this piece of fan fiction by Archive Of Our Own user luminosa which combines GoT with Pride and Prejudice. Arya faces pressure from her family and society to marry well. So what happens when she falls for less than suitable, member of the house staff, Gendry? If you want GoT with all the pomp and circumstance of Pride and Prejudice you will be absolutely hooked on this tale.


Sansa Stark & Margaery Tyrell

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Another story line I really could have got behind but that sadly simply wasn’t meant to be, was a love affair between Stansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell — two of the greatest characters to come out of GoT. If Cersei Lannister hadn’t intervened and ensured Tyrell come to her untimely end it could have kept the dream alive. Some fans of the show, including Archive Of Our Own user daysoffuturepast, have taken to the internet to lay all the proof down that Tyrell wanted to date Stark, all she needed to do was break down her walls.

Sansa hasn't always been presented as the most dominant character in GoT, but it doesn't means fans haven't seen her that way. In one story where the pair are coupled up Sansa gets jealous of the way Margaery flirts with everyone else in the room. This leads to one seriously steamy encounter that will leave you wishing the pair were coupled up in the series as well.


Game of Thrones is nothing short of a masterpiece. While the series has been magic in itself, the fan fiction it has inspired has become a whole world of its own. From the super-realistic to the utterly outlandish, fans have not been short on intriguing theories and unlikely ships as the show has gone on and I have no doubt more will appear before series eight ends.