You Can Buy Pawsecco For Your Pooch & Make Them The Perf Drinking Buddy This Xmas


You know who asks for nothing but gives you so much? Your dog. OK maybe it begs for food and treats and belly scratches but don't we all? And that's why they deserve the best gift this Christmas. Choosing gifts for your dog is a lot easier than choosing gifts for anyone else in your life because, let's be real, they'll appreciate absolutely anything you give them.

Thing is though, you're not the type of cheapskate to gift your pup a scrunched up piece of old wrapping paper, are you? Your babe deserves spoiling more than most and you flipping know it.

Pampered pooches are nothing new. Dogs really are a (wo)man's best friend. Famous dog lovers include the Obamas, Paris Hilton, and, of course, Queen Elizabeth, who's best known for her obsession with Pembroke Welsh corgis. As a matter of fact, the New York Times reports that the Queen has owned at least 30 and that they're all descended from a dog called Susan. Which, I mean, is potentially the best dog name I've ever heard.

Luckily though, you don't need to be a celeb in order to treat your little pooch like the regal beast it is. And here's your run down of gifts that are absolutely the right fit for your pup.


With all these cute ideas, 2019 will be a very merry Woofmas.