These 4 Pet Blow Dryers Are Safe & Quiet - So Grooming Is A Breeze

If you groom your pets at home, the best quiet blow dryers for dogs will quickly dry your dog after a bath and make it easier to keep them dust-free after walks. I’ve rounded up a variety of dryers to suit dogs (or even cats) of all sizes. Here's what you need to know to find the right dryer:

You'll find four different types of pet dryers below. If you have a small home or travel with your dog, stick with a smaller, handheld dryer. If you have a dedicated space for grooming and/or have bigger dogs, then a larger pet dryer might be worth the space.

Next, the higher the dryer's air speed, the louder it will be. So look for adjustable air speeds to fit your dog's sensitivity and size. All the picks below have multiple speed settings, and one even has a noise-reducing mechanism for extra sensitive dogs. Because their skin is thin and sensitive, dogs are even more heat-sensitive than humans, multiple heat settings can also be helpful. Most of the dryers below come with at least two temperature settings, while some boast up to four. Though, there is one that doesn't have variable heat options and is meant for professional or experienced groomers.

Change your pet dryer's air filter as often as manufacturer-recommended and go with pet dryers that have easy-to-clean air filters, since a dirty air filter can lengthen drying time and harm your pet's skin and coat by blowing dust and dirt particles.

Check out the best dog dryers; they're highly rated, and there’s one to fit every budget.


A Quiet But Powerful Forced Air Dryer With Over 1,000 Reviews

Forced-air dryers, aka high-velocity dryers, look like canister vacuum cleaners and use high-pressure air to dry your dog’s coat. These are ideal for professional dog groomers, as well as pet owners with experience grooming at home. These can also help straighten your dog's coat as it dries, which is great for styling your pup’s hair.

The Shelandy 3.2 HP Pet Hair Dryer boasts a 4.5-star rating and over 1,000 reviews, and it's easy to see why. This dryer offers two temperature options: cold or warm. Overheat protections are installed on both the motor and the heater, and if this pick starts to overheat, it’s designed to automatically shut off. Plus, this pick's plastic parts are flame-resistant.

Airflow varies from 65 miles per hour to 135 miles per hour, so this option allows you to adjust air speed based on the size and sensitivity of your dog (or cat). It also comes with a noise-reduction mechanism, which looks like a soft sponge that goes between the machine’s air inlets and the plastic piece that covers them. It also includes a 73-inch flexible hose and four attachments for varying airflow and grooming.

What fans are saying: “We absolutely love this pet dryer. We were previously using a small utility vacuum to dry our cocker spaniel, but it would take 30+ minutes and she would be very frustrated with the noise and process. The Shelandy pet dryer cut the time to 10-15 minutes and is much quieter; I can't believe we didn't purchase this sooner! We also found another application for the product that is very useful. We live in Colorado and it can be very dry and dusty at times, which means the dust and dirt collects in dog fur very quickly. I use the dryer to ‘blow out’ her fur before we come inside after walks, I'm amazed how much dirt comes out each and every time.”


A Quiet Pet Stand Blow Dryer

Also known as “fluff dryers,” stand dryers are a great hands-free blow drying option for dogs who need their coat to be brushed as it dries. They also tend to be quieter than most high-velocity dryers which makes them a great choice for ultra-sensitive dogs.

With its 4.5-star rating, steel shell, and powerful motor, this standing pick is built to last for years and is backed by Amazon reviewers. It’s also beloved by professional dog groomers. Air speed for this dryer is adjustable up to 318 miles per hour, and the temperatures can be adjusted from 85 degrees to 165 degrees — the settings are "none," which is just warm air, "low," and "high."

The stand rolls on four lockable wheels and rotates 360 degrees; plus, the stand's height can be adjusted from 33 inches to 51 inches. This item comes with two nozzles and one filter, and the flexible hose is 10-feet long.

What fans are saying: “I am so very glad I bought this for my grooming shop. I have a lot of sensitive dogs that come in my shop and are afraid of dryer noise. This dryer works excellent and is quiet and makes for a great introduction to drying new pups and shy sensitive adult dogs. Love, Love Love it...”


The Best Budget Option

Handheld dryers are usually the least expensive dryer option, and while it looks and functions much like a human blow dryer, human hair dryers should never be used on dogs because they get too hot. Pet dryers are great for people and pets who aren’t used to blow dryers yet, since they use low-velocity air flow.

The ConairPRO Dog Pet Dryer uses ambient heat and offers four temperature settings, though those settings aren’t clearly listed on Amazon or the manufacturer's page. The adjustable air velocity reaches nearly 6.8 miles per hour and there are four speed settings; though the exact speeds and temperatures of each setting aren’t listed either. It includes a dryer stand with four positions that makes this handheld pick hands free and one nozzle that allows you to concentrate the air flow if needed.

What fans are saying: “Just a great little dryer for small and medium-sized dogs. Having groomed dogs professionally, I know this dryer can't compare with commercial products but for the dog owner looking for a dependable solution for grooming their pet at home, this is an inexpensive and well-designed product. I especially like the safety feature of low and middle heat settings, always use caution when drying your pet as overheating is a real danger.”


The Best Cage Dryer: Great For Large Dogs

Cage dryers are secured onto a kennel or crate and use low air pressure and a bit of heat to dry your dog’s fur while they sit in the enclosure. These are great for people with multiple dogs or professional dog groomers, since they’re completely hands-free and allow you to work on a second dog while the first one dries in their cage. But these do come with the risk of heatstroke, especially if dogs are left to dry unsupervised, so they’re best for experienced and attentive groomers.

The Master Equipment Forced Air Cage Dryer offers four speed settings, and while those settings aren't listed on Amazon, this pick can reach a velocity of nearly 260 miles per hour. It also has a three-hour programmable timer and boasts quiet operation. Amazon shoppers give this dryer a 4.3-star rating.

What fans are saying: “Love this dryer, I've been grooming professionally for 20 plus years, it's super-fast, low heat, (just warm enough) and not too noisy. Well done!”


Also Nice To Have:

While certainly not designed for larger animals, this portable grooming house is great for cats, small dogs, rabbits, and other small pets. Made of Oxford cloth, it's durable, foldable, and a cinch to clean. This is an accessory to something like the ConairPRO handheld blow dryer as this grooming house does not include a dryer, but you can insert a handheld pet dryer into the special compartment on this grooming house and you have a sort of budget cage dryer. This option measures 21.26 inches by 13 inches by 16 inches when upright, and its folding size is 16 inches by 13 inches.

What fans are saying: “I have two dogs and a cat. I am so glad I purchased this product. It is so useful and most of all, hands free. It is big enough for my two dogs to fit and air dries. Cool.”

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