The 4 Best Quiet Blow Dryers For Dogs

If you groom your pets at home, the best quiet blow dryers for dogs will quickly dry your dog after a bath and make it easier to keep them dust-free after walks. I’ve rounded up a variety of dryers to suit dogs (or even cats) of all sizes. Here's what you need to know to find the right dryer:

You'll find four different types of pet dryers below. If you have a small home or travel with your dog, stick with a smaller, handheld dryer. If you have a dedicated space for grooming and/or have bigger dogs, then a larger pet dryer might be worth the space.

Next, the higher the dryer's air speed, the louder it will be. So look for adjustable air speeds to fit your dog's sensitivity and size. All the picks below have multiple speed settings, and one even has a noise-reducing mechanism for extra sensitive dogs. Because their skin is thin and sensitive, dogs are even more heat-sensitive than humans, multiple heat settings can also be helpful. Most of the dryers below come with at least two temperature settings, while some boast up to four. Though, there is one that doesn't have variable heat options and is meant for professional or experienced groomers.

Change your pet dryer's air filter as often as manufacturer-recommended and go with pet dryers that have easy-to-clean air filters, since a dirty air filter can lengthen drying time and harm your pet's skin and coat by blowing dust and dirt particles.

Check out the best dog dryers; they're highly rated, and there’s one to fit every budget.