7 Gifts For Your Bridal Party That They'll Actually Love

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The satin robes. The tiny pastel colored pillows. The eye masks. The slippers that say, so literally, "Bridesmaid!," or, worse, are embroidered with your undignified college nickname. Since gifts for bridespeople often turn out to be a Goodwill donation in the making, when it comes to your wedding, if you have a support team you want to get thank-you's for, it's not a bad idea to make them usable.

"I was a bridesmaid for the biggest Bridezilla there ever was. We had so many tasks and jobs, and she kept stressing how individual and personal she wanted the wedding to be," Megan, age 37, tells Bustle. "When it came to the wedding day, our gifts were 5 dollar Starbucks gift cards. There was also the time I got Minnie Mouse ears for a Disney wedding. Need I say more? What the heck am I supposed to do with those?"

Megan says she and her friends all agreed that their ideal gift would either be something that promotes relaxation or is something reusable in the longterm. "Why not both in one?" she says. Agreed.

Below, take a look at some gift ideas for the bridal party that will actually be appreciated and enjoyed by the friends and family at your side.


A Wallet With Initials Engraved

The number of people you have in your bridal party will indeed dictate the amount you spend on gifts — but perhaps if you have only a few, a high-quality, very reusable gift like a wallet, maybe even with some engraved initials if you are feeling fancy, is a lovely option. Get it in your bridesperson's favorite color. They will think of you and your celebration of love every time they buy some new socks or go to the grocery store.


A Book You Know They'd Love

It's small, it's cost friendly, and it also shows that you know your friend or family member, and have put some personal thought into getting them something nice tailored to their interests.

Whether it's a beautiful collection of photos, or the newest crime thriller by their favorite author, write a nice note on the inside that commemorates the occasion and expresses your gratitude. It will undoubtedly be a hit.


A Weighted Blanket

You want everyone to be well-rested for the big day, especially if y'all have been having some late-night Mai-Tai shooters at the hotel bar pre-wedding with all the early guests. Proven to help with anxiety and depression, a weighted blanket is basically giving your bridespeople the gift of an oh-so-necessary nap between festivities. Weighted blankets really range in price, too, so you can work with your budget to get the right one for you and your crew of wedding elves.


An Astrology Reading

Perhaps they want to know what's down their own romantic pipeline, or if it might be time to finally pursue a new career. Yes, give the gift of clarity for the people helping you celebrate your glorious union of love with a personalized natal chart reading from a trusted astrologer.

It's great because it can all be done over the phone, so it doesn't require them having to go anywhere to get the reading. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser, and the next time you are all together, you'll have plenty to share with each other.


A Foot Massage


Not only will your bridal party probably be wearing uncomfortable dress shoes, if your wedding is worth its salt, they'll be dancing the night away, too. Even a half an hour foot massage at their local parlor will be a much appreciated moment of relaxation. They may love it so much that it might become a part of their regular routine after they have one.


Movie Tickets (Plus Snacks)


Get your bridal party tickets to their local movie theater, with a few extra bucks to get a bucket of popcorn, some snowcaps, and one of those lethally massive sodas. When all the hubbub of the big day has passed, this will be a fun activity for them to unwind and spend time with a friend or loved one. Movies are always a treat, and your bridal party deserves a night out on the town after the big day has passed, don't you think?


A Darling Succulent

It's a living thing they can love for years to come. The glory of succulents, of course, is that they really don't require much care. They are also quite cute. If you don't want your bridal party to have to shlep them around while traveling, no big deal. You can order online and have them delivered to their homes.

And if you're still stumped, just ask yourself: what is the type of thing you would like to receive? Even the smallest thing with a little thought behind it is usually better than a ball cap with a hashtag, you know?

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