7 Self-Care Sunday Activities To Leave You Feeling Next Level Refreshed

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As someone who loathes having to drag a coat around and hates wearing jeans, I always feel sad to see the back of summer. However, there’s one awesome thing about autumn — it’s the season of all things cosy. I enjoy nothing more than picking up a pumpkin spice latte on my way home from work for an evening of relaxation. Call me basic but it’s delicious. And if you’re in need of a little inspiration here are the seven great things to do on a Self Care Sunday. While self care practices may be dismissed by some as a a little wishy washy and indulgent, they're actually a perfect time to reflect and check in with yourself.

You only need to scroll through Instagram to see that self care is pretty hot right now. The Danes refer to it as hygge which, as the New Yorker notes, roughly translates to a quality of cosiness that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. However despite the benefits it seems lots of people aren't getting enough quality self care time. Advanced Dermatology recently surveyed 2,000 Americans and discovered that 84 percent feel self care was a necessity rather than an indulgence. In spite of this, the average time they spent on self care was only 83 minutes a week. Fifty-seven percent of respondents even said they felt guilty after making more time for self care.

So, if you’re feeling extra cosy as the autumn months roll in and want to set a little bit of side aside for yourself here’s the seven best things to do on a self care Sunday.


Tidy Your Room & Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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Hear me out. I’m not a tidy person in the slightest but I often find that if my brain is feeling a little scattered and I’m getting overwhelmed with work commitment, it's reflected in my bedroom. Clearing the clothes away that are spilling off your clothes chair and cleaning the makeup brushes that haven’t been washed since you took them out of their packet will give you a little bit of peace of mind. And with the right Spotify playlist it can even be fun.


Buy A Book & Light A Candle

Treating yourself isn’t just about big purchases. Buying a new scented candle can make you feel so much more excited about spending time indoors and finding the right scent can really induce nostalgia. Picking up a good book, lighting a candle, and ignoring your phone and Netflix can be a great way to switch off for an hour or two.


Go To The Gym Or Yoga


I’m not a gym bunny and am about as flexible as a plank of wood but I can’t deny the endorphin rush I get after going to the gym or a yoga class. Getting out of the house to move your body and concentrating on something other than your emails and phone can leave you feeling really mentally invigorated. It’s can also help if you struggle to get off to sleep at night.


Clear Your social Calendar Of To-Dos

Going on holiday, celebrating birthdays, and organising hen dos are all good fun. Having hundreds of reminders on your phone and post-it notes on your desk with payments due are less so. Taking some time out to look at your finances and transferring money to the people you need to will let you actually look forward to the things you have coming up and will give you the satisfaction of crossing off your to-do list.


Pamper Yourself

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When I think of self care the first thing I think of is washing my hair and shaving my legs. It sounds cliche but taking a day to put on a hair and face mask, exfoliating, and moisturising, and doing whatever beauty tasks you've been putting off can make you feel like a completely different person. Slipping into a pair of new PJs after pampering yourself will make you feel loved and appreciated. You deserve to take some time to look after yourself.


Do A Mediation & Journal

Meditating is a great way to check in with yourself, especially before the start of a busy week. You can leave the stresses of the week before behind and look forward to what’s to come. However, if you’re anything like me and struggle to sit still for two seconds, journaling can be an awesome way to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. You’re technically meditating on what’s going on in your life and you can do it in pretty coloured pens.


See A Friend That Makes You Feel Good

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Often when I think about taking some time for self care it’s a solo activity, but it doesn’t have to be. Different friends serve so many different purposes. Having one or a couple of friends that leave you feeling lighter, refreshed, and inspired after spending time with them is so important. By calling them, inviting them over for wine, or a coffee you can get the feel good rush you’re looking for and have a laugh at the same time.


Taking time for self care isn’t indulgent and it’s definitely not selfish. When you spend all of your time working, keeping on top of commitments, and trying to maintain a social life sometimes it’s good to kick back and do something for yourself.