7 Hawaiian Shirts That'll Help You Get Your Hopper On This Summer

by Lauren Sharkey

Once reserved for your dad's (and maybe your grandad's) wardrobe, Hawaiian shirts are having a real moment. Popularised by several real-life and fictional TV characters, the printed look is the easiest way to introduce summer vibes into your life. So here's seven of the best Hawaiian shirts to invest in, pronto.

If you've watched the third season of Stranger Things and don't worry, there are no major spoilers ahead — you may have noticed that Chief Jim Hopper's off-duty style got a little snazzier. Yes, he swapped his dusty police uniform for a pastel-hued Hawaiian shirt. His new look has caused a frenzy online, reports Esquire. So did Love Island's Ovie when he rocked up in a pink floral shirt with an ice pop and Indiana Jones hat in tow.

While Hopper's style was inspired by '80s TV show Magnum, P.I. (according to the series' costume designer), Ovie's is just, well, his vibe. And it's a chilled, carefree feeling anyone can get on board with. Yes, most Hawaiian shirts out there are designed for men and yes, you are more than free to wear them. But I've scoured the web for the best women's versions because nothing beats a shirt that was actually made for a female body.


Don't be afraid to wear them in winter, I say. After all, it is the time of year that could do with a little sartorial vibrancy.