7 Incredible Ways Londoners United After The Attack

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The people of London didn't let Saturday night's terrorist attacks change their kind and loving manners for even a moment. Within minutes after the attack began, stories of people offering each other support both near and far appeared online. Londoners have come together after the terrorist attack in touching ways, proving that the goal of the attack failed no matter what.

Unlike Donald Trump, who seemed to miss the point right away, Londoners understood pretty quickly that fear wasn't going to be productive for anyone. Instead, British people immediately stepped up to offer humor, shelter, and protection after the attack.

The British response to this attack is ideal, and will hopefully be emulated in future incidents around the world. The only way that terrorists win is if people allow their societies to devolve and be overcome, and the most efficient way to accomplish that is through fear. But if people choose to reject fear, there's no way that the goal of terrorism can be achieved.

These seven ways that Londoners came together after the attack are inspiring, and the entire world needs to learn from them. Terrorism affects the whole world, but if everyone chooses love instead of hate and fear, one day the global community might be able eradicate it.


The #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling

The British people took to social media to let the world know that there are some things that they are afraid of, but terrorism isn't one of them.


People Offered Shelter, Comfort, & Most Importantly, Tea

Dozens of people posted on social media in the immediate aftermath of the attack to offer anything they could, which was quite often tea.


One Man Ran Away From The Attack With His Beer In Hand

Possibly the most British thing ever?


An Off-Duty Police Officer Tackled An Attacker

British Transport Police officer Giovanni Sagristani was eating at a restaurant near Borough Market when one of the attackers entered and stabbed a waitress. Sagristani tackled the attacker and was stabbed in the process. His partner, Carlos Pinto, a nurse in London, was able to treat both the waitress and Sagristani until emergency medical responders were able to arrive at the scene.


One Man Returned The Day After To Pay His Bar Tab

Londoner Richard Angell was out for the night near London Bridge when the attack started Saturday night. He ran to safety, but returned on Sunday to pay off his tab to maintain normalcy in the wake of the incident. "These people shouldn't win," Angell said in an interview. "This is the best city in the world and Borough Market is one of my favorite bits of the best city in the world. I'm not going to let the barbaric acts of cowardly people minimize that."


This Student Nurse Is Trying To Find The Taxi Driver Who Saved Her Life

19-year-old Rhiannon Owen was using an ATM near London Bridge when a taxi driver stopped to warn her to run from the oncoming attackers. In turn, Owen ran into a nearby restaurant to warn more than 50 people to evacuate. Now, Owen is trying to find the man who saved her life and thank him properly.


Muslim Women Came To Thank Police

According to BBC journalist Anna O'Neill, Muslim women traveled from the suburbs of London just to thank police officers for their work in stopping the attack.

This attack has proven that the British people have an unbeatable spirit. Terrorism will never win so long as people remain kind, open, and loving toward one another, and these Londoners have shown the world that it's possible.