These Hydrogel Masks Are Even More Hydrating Than Your Usual Sheet Mask

Studio Firma / Stocksy

If you're anything like me, you'll love a face mask, big time. The perfect way to take some time to yourself and have a pamper, masks are the ultimate girl's night in must have. In recent years, sheet masks have become my go-to, and have taken over as one of the most popular masking techniques in the western world, thanks largely to the influence of K-beauty. Hydrogel sheet masks have also been rising up the ranks recently, thanks to their cooling, soothing exterior and hydrating properties. But what is a hydrogel mask?

Well, put simply, a Hydrogel mask is made from a gel texture (often bio-cellulose), unlike the cotton or paper masks we are perhaps most used to. The benefit of these types of masks is the cooling, refreshing feel they have on the skin. Especially brilliant on hot summer days where you need cooling down, you can even keep these in the fridge for extra impact. Hydrogel masks also tend to be infused with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, making them incredibly hydrating and effective.

In truth, hydrogel sheet masks can be pretty fiddly to apply. Because they have a sort of 'jelly' texture and feel to them, they tend to be rather slippery, and hence take some practise to put on seamlessly.

This is a minor drawback, however, as hydrogel masks are one of the best ways to drench your skin in hydration and refreshment. With this in mind, here are seven of my favourite hydrogel sheet masks, for all budgets.

Everything you need for the ultimate self-care night in.