7 Innovative Sex Toys For You (& Your Partner) That Mimic Oral Sex


There's a sex toy for every need these days. G-spot stimulation? Check. Clitoral action? Yup. Now, there's a slew of oral sex toys in the market that closely mimic the effects blowjobs and cunnilingus. These innovative sex toys create the exact sensation of someone going down on you, and they're pretty neat.

Oral sex is one of those topics that everyone has an opinion on. Some people love it, others dread the thought of doing it. Some people think it's more intimate than sex, others see it as no big deal. Regardless of how you feel, many people can agree that when done right, oral sex can feel amazing. That's why I believe that these oral sex toys serve two purposes: One, being great for solo sessions, and two, if you're not super into giving oral sex but your partner's into receiving it, perhaps even finding a balance that works for both of you.

Whether you're on the market for a new sex toy, or are shopping for someone else, you may want to consider these sex toys that simulate oral. From vibrators to masturbators, these toys are the next-best-thing to giving and receiving. Just turn it on, relax, and let it do all the work.

1Lelo Ora 2


Lelo Ora 2, $189, Lelo

"Tongue and chic," is how Lelo describes its bestselling Ora 2. This sleek-looking sex toy has rotations and vibrations that mimic the sensation of a tongue. Its 10 stimulation patterns make for great clitoral stimulation.

2Wand Essentials Tantric Tongue Realistic Oral Sex


Wand Essentials Tantric Tongue Realistic Oral Sex, $16, Amazon

This realistic-looking oral sex stimulator attaches onto any vibrator to give that pleasure you can only feel when someone is going down on you. Plus, it works great for hitting that G-spot and clitoris.

3Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Massager


Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Massager, $28, Amazon

The pocket-sized Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Massager has a spinning wheel that mimics the motion of 10 tongues going at you all at once. If that thought has you overwhelmed with pleasure, you can control the vibrator's pulses, thanks to its six speeds and vibrations patterns.

4NewMaxer Licking Toy Clitoral Stimulator Vibrating Clit Massager


NewMaxer Licking Toy Clitoral Stimulator Vibrating Clit Massager, $20, Amazon

Yes, this sex toy resembles a tongue, so it should feel like oral sex. It has a set of "ticklers" to stimulate your clitoris and has more than 30 vibrations to help you reach that orgasm.

5Womanizer Pro40 Sensual Pleasure Enhancer


Womanizer Pro40 Sensual Pleasure Enhancer, $124, Amazon

The Womanizer Pro40 Sensual Pleasure Enhancer's unique design is what sets this sex toy apart from the rest. When the toy's small opening is in place, it uses "pleasure air technology" for stimulation, giving you a suction that feels like someone is going down on you.

6NewMaxer 30 Modes Vibrating Oral Sex Toy


NewMaxer 30 Modes Vibrating Oral Sex Toy, $36, Amazon

The NexMaxer 30 Modes Vibrating Oral Sex Toy is a hands-free masturbator, which is meant to fit tightly, like a suction, on the penis. With more than 30 vibrations, you can control how slow or fast to go, as well as adjust the toy's angle to replicate multiple sex positions.

7Riodong 3D Realistic Masturbator Vaginal Oral Sex Toy


Riodong 3D Realistic Masturbator Vaginal Oral Sex Toy, $22, Amazon

Your partner is getting double the pleasure with the  Riodong 3D Realistic Masturbator Vaginal Oral Sex Toy. This sex toy closely resemble's a mouth (it even has teeth!), so the user can enjoy the feel of getting the blowjob. Turn it around, and you'll notice the other end strikingly resembles a vagina, too.

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