7 iPhone XS Cases Available In The UK That Are Pure Swag


Do you ever dream of a world where, when a new iPhone comes out, you get it brand new and have the top of the range one? I know I do. However, for some this is not so far off a dream. Oh no, this is a reality. And let's be honest, you don't want your new tech in the nip do you? Lord no! Also, if its little outfit could keep it safe and sound? All the better. There are so dang many options out there so, what are the best iPhone XS cases available in the UK right now? Because we all know, accessories make an outfit.

I myself am a huge advocate of the long maligned mum case. Yes, call me old fashioned because I am. I guess old fashioned a la steam punk because I do tech in an old fashioned way. Maybe you are more of a glamour puss and want your case to say "this cost the same as the phone so don't even touch it." Or perhaps, you live a hard life and need something able to survive the nuclear winter/apocalypse/a night out.

Well, whatever your needs may be, best believe companies are pumping out covers a mile a minute. Here are my personal fave.

Case-Mate iPhone XS Max Waterfall Glitter Case - Iridescent Diamond



Ever thought, "I wanna be like Rihanna and shine bright like a diamond"?. Babe, don't worry, there is a case for that. Not only does this case have redonk sparkles, it also makes it rain, or er, waterfall.

UAG Pathfinder iPhone XS Max Rugged Case - Black



Do you live a hard life? Do you enjoy wild activities like let's say, rock climbing, or extreme scootering? Or are you incredibly clumsy and accidentally ruin your life by smashing your phone on the regz? Well this is the case for you. It is described as a "black rugged case for the iPhone XS Max features a classic tough-looking, composite design with a soft impact-absorbing core and hard exterior that provides superb protection in all situations". Ideal for athletes and/or klutzes.

Screw You Case



I most definitely do not support smoking, it's a filthy habit. However, I am a huge fan of sass and boy oh boy does this ever serve sass with a side of eff you. Will come in handy for passive aggressive actions/showing people you don't feel like them chatting you up RN.

Folded Dominica Case



Ah yes, like I said before I am a huge fan of the mum case. Not only is it sensible in how it protects your lovely screen but also, shields your ruder texts from nosey parkers. This one is particularly lush because it also reminds you of what really matters; your plants.



You know how you have like, going out shoes, going out coats, going out pants etc? Well, why can't you have a going out phone case? Remarkably, this little one is on sale so super friendly on the old wallet. Also a good cuddle substitute if you can't afford a pet.

Piccadilly iPhone XS MAX



Another one for those who live a cray life. Or more likely are just redonk clumsy. This bad boy is made up of D30 which is a super lit new material which is tough AF. In fact, it "has impact protection of up to 10ft thanks to D3O® smart technology, is scratch resistant and features a UV coating". Maybe not visually super exciting, but the case is clear so you can fully just fill it with pictures of dogs and/or yourself.

Ted Baker iPhone XS Max Mirror Folio Case - Arboretum



Sometimes you want your phone case to serve sexy stylish nana vibes. Here is the case for you. The secret mirror inside will have you asking "mirror mirror on the iphone, who is the hottest girl that I know?" Spoiler alert, it's you babe.

With the latest iPhones only dropping in the last few weeks, there are set to be more and more options for keen eyed and style conscious iPhone users. Still waiting for my light up kimoji selfie one though.