Don’t Miss These June Releases By Women Filmmakers

by Lia Beck
Emily Aragones, Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Blockbuster season is starting, as people get ready to head to the theater to escape the summer heat. But, unfortunately, when we look at the films hitting theaters in June 2019, there aren't many movies directed or written by women. Movies made by women still are few and far between, especially when it comes to big budget ones made by major studios.

There are some women penned and directed films going to the big screen this June, though, and they include two highly anticipated ones: Late Night and Toy Story 4. Late Night stars two women — Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling — and is written and directed women as well. Then there's Toy Story 4, which, while it went through some changes during production, has three women writers credited.

On top of those, this June in women filmmakers brings a retelling of a Shakespearean play from the female character's perspective, two documentaries about very different subjects, a drama about a Scottish country singer, and a comedy about a man who is living a secret life.

Of course, we'll always want more movies made by women than we get, but there are still several upcoming releases that you may want to get out and support. Here's what's dropping next month.

1. Late Night

Late Night stars Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling as a late night talk show host and the only woman on the show's writing staff, respectively. The movie is also written by Kaling and is directed by Nisha Ganatra, a Golden Globe winner for her work on Transparent.

In theaters June 7.

2. Framing John DeLorean

This documentary about John DeLorean, the General Motors executive who invented the famous DeLorean car, also features reenactments in which Alec Baldwin plays him. It's directed by Sheena M. Joyce and Don Argott, and written by Alexandra Orton and Dan Greeney.

In theaters June 7.

3. Pavarotti

Pavarotti is — surprise — a documentary about opera singer Luciano Pavarotti. Directed by Ron Howard and written by Mark Monroe, Cassidy Hartmann served as a consulting writer.

In theaters June 7

4. Wild Rose

Wild Rose is a drama about an Scottish country singer (Jessie Buckley) who wants to make it in Nashville, but has a lot going on at home. It's written by Nicole Taylor.

In theaters June 14.

5. Being Frank

Directed by Miranda Bailey, Being Frank, is about a man (Jim Gaffigan) with a secret family... or, technically, two secret families.

In theaters June 14.

6. Toy Story 4

The fourth Toy Story movie went through a number of changes during production, but ended up with three women credited as writers: Stephany Folsom, Valerie LaPointe, and Rashida Jones, who left the film with her writing partner Will McCormack in 2017 citing "creative" and "philosophical differences."

In theaters June 21.

7. Ophelia

Ophelia is Shakespeare's Hamlet told from Ophelia's perspective, and stars Daisy Ridley in the title role, as well as Naomi Watts, Clive Owen, George MacKay, and Tom Felton. The film is directed by Claire McCarthy (The Waiting City) and the screenplay is written by Semi Chellas (Mad Men).

In theaters June 28.

In the months ahead, hopefully there will be more women-written and directed films to look forward to. For now, at least there's a good amount of variety in these options.