7 Lip Plumping Glosses To Help You Lean Into This Major '00s Throwback Trend

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When I was in school, all I wanted was a fuller pout. But the only readily available option for most teenage girls was a stinging, burning lip gloss. The shiny, sticky result was eventually replaced by overdrawn matte lipsticks and injectable fillers, but people are now lusting for a natural look once more. Thankfully, the new lip plumping glosses are 100 percent pain- free.

As Fashionista explains, the volumising glosses of yesteryear used ingredients that were designed to irritate the lip into plump "perfection". Dermatologist Dr. Michele Green told the site this worked by vasodilating blood vessels in the lips, resulting in a short-lived swollen look.

But now, the likes of hyaluronic acid and natural oils are included to safely boost volume while moisturising. The effects may only last for a few hours with new formulas, but your lips shouldn't feel or look dry afterwards.

There's clearly a demand for lip glosses. In December 2018, The Business of Fashion reported that the market for the shiny stuff had recently grown for the first time since 2014, suggesting that people really are in the mood for a little nostalgia.

To help you relive your teen years, here's some of the best volumising lip glosses around right now.


The noughties are well and truly back in business.

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