Tricks To Make Your Lip Gloss Stay Put

by Lindsey Rose Black

Does the release of Kylie Jenner's new glosses have you craving all kinds of shine on your lips? I'm here to help! Since there are few struggles as real as having to figure out how to make lip gloss stay put all day long, I've scouted everything you need to know to get and keep your glossy pout on point. Of course, don't blame me when someone wants to smooch it all off of you!

According to Divine Caroline, the key to long-lasting gloss success is not one, but threefold. "It's a combination of prep, application, and product choices," the site claims. Sounds simple enough, right? But executing all three points correctly is absolutely crucial to actually making your gloss last for more than the usual twenty minutes or so.

And before you can even get into prepping for gloss, you've got to make sure your lips are well hydrated and smooth. If you haven't already, consider getting into a habit of exfoliating your lips a few times a week when you're showering or washing your face. My favorite DIY lip scrub is a simple recipe of coffee grounds and coconut oil. That's literally it!

Is your pout ready to get and stay glossed? Just follow the easy tips below.

1. Fill Your Base

Long-Wear Lip Liner Pencil, $1, E.L.F.

Prevention recommended, "Start by lining the border of your lips and filling them in with a pencil that matches their natural color. This creates a smooth surface that prevents bleeding and makes gloss more budge-proof."

2. Smooth With Balm

Beeswax Lip Balm, $7, Sunfood

Once you've got liner on, Divine Caroline shared how you'll want to apply " a hydrating, non-oily lip balm. Anything with a waxy consistency is preferred over a slippery texture that will cause color to slide right off."

3. Dab With Concealer

Concealer, $3, E.L.F.

To truly highlight the shade of any gloss, you want to make your natural lip color a little more subtle by dabbing just a little concealer or foundation over your lips. Divine Caroline also pointed out how this trick "gives [gloss] a little something extra to adhere to."

4. Reach For The Right Gloss

Plexi Gloss, $19, Make Up For Ever

You're almost at the point of applying gloss! Prevention mag suggests you use "an opaque gloss that has a sticky consistency instead of one that's sheer and smooth. These formulas are made with certain polymers that provide longer-lasting results."

5. Follow Kylie Jenner's Lead

In her ridiculous gloss vid, Kylie and her pals prove they're masters of the lip gloss application process by slicking it on and then smacking their lips. Follow their lead! Smacking your lips ensures you get an even coating of gloss, and then you're good to go.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands