7 'Love Island' Couples We're Still Wishing Got Together

Love Island / ITV2

With recouplings, love triangles, and muggings off, Winter Love Island is turning out to be completely drama-filled. The course of love never did run smooth and Love Island definitely reflects that. While there have been marriages and babies that have come from the show, there’s also been a hell of a lot of heartbreak. And when it all goes wrong you wonder what could have been if they’d just picked someone else at a recoupling. So, here’s the 7 Love Island couples that totally should've gotten together, from the seemingly glaringly obvious to the more subtle matches.

As a viewer, Love Island can toy with your emotions. With on-off relationships that carry through way after the islanders leave the villa I can’t imagine what it must be like having your love life played out on screen for a nation of beady-eyed viewers to see. When you’re watching from the outside it can seem like certain pairings are inevitable. So, when they don’t happen it can be super disappointing. Here are the 7 Love Island couples we’re still wishing got together during the show. And who knows? Some of them are single again so these couples could just became an IRL thing.


Amber Gill & Ovie Soko

The final of Love Island 2019 may have come to a different conclusion but Amber Gill and Ovie Soko were my winning pair of the series. As soon as he entered the villa, Soko won the heart of the nation and, at the end of the series, Gill was crowned winner. Their relationship was so pure during the show, and they seem to have remained just as close featuring in adverts together and being spotted on nights out. While romance wasn't on the cards for them, I'm still wishing they'd paired up and been the first friendship couple to win.


Georgia Harrison & Marcel Sommerville

There were fireworks going off left, right, and centre in Love Island 2017 and one islander who really caused a stir was Georgia Harrison. She entered the villa and was instantly attracted to Kem Cetinay before settling with Sam Gowland. However, had Harrison and Marcel Sommerville struck up some chemistry the final could have looked a lot different. With her winning banter and his Blazin’ Squad star potential they could have been each other's type on paper.


Tommy Fury and Maura Higgins

I don’t think I will ever forget Maura Higgins entering the villa and announcing that Tommy Fury gave her "fanny flutters." She was the injection of hilarity that the villa needed. Objectively both of these islanders are beautiful. They’re also super loyal and very funny. Fury is still with his partner, Molly-Mae Hague and Higgins is still going strong with Curtis Pritchard, proving they're both willing to go the distance for the romance they found in Love Island. So sadly it seems this dream couple will remain just that, a dream.


Kady McDermott & Terry Walsh

Terry Walsh was the bad boy of season two of Love Island and viewers loved him for it. From being scolded by Malin Andersson after he didn’t follow her out of the villa to breaking up with Emma Woodhams a few months after the show ended, he never seemed to find his match. Described as a pocket rocket, Kady McDermott always seemed to have an answer for everything in the villa. I think she and Terry could have been a good partnership.


Megan Barton-Hanson and Adam Collard

While Winter Love Island is proving to be slightly tumultuous Love Island 2018 really highlighted how scandal is done. Adam Collard caused a massive stir in the villa as he jumped from Kendall Rae Knight to Rosie Williams to Zara McDermott. Meanwhile Megan Barton-Hanson won the heart of Wes Nelson and the rest of the nation with her honesty, wit, and bare faced flirting. While they could have been a fiery pair, I think they would have been a real match for each other.


Samira Mighty and Jack Fowler

All Love Island twitter wanted throughout the 2018 series was for Samira Mighty to find the one and be happy. She was the girls' biggest cheerleader and had great banter. So, when Jack Fowler, exceedingly handsome joker of Love Island 2018, entered the villa I think it could have been a match made in villa heaven. Both were super considerate of their fellow islanders with a great sense of humour. I think they could have gone all the way to the final.


Scott Thomas & Malin Andersson

Malin Andersson will forever have a place in my heart for delivering the most awkward confrontation in Love Island history. While her time in the villa with Terry Walsh had a lot of ups and downs, it makes you wonder if she’d settled with someone who was a bit more of an open book, like Scott Thomas would she have found herself in the final? Thomas got to the final with Kady McDermott, but their fiery tempers were too much of a match for each other and their relationship didn’t last.


With so many of the relationships formed in Love Island falling by the wayside, it’s easy to reflect on what could have been. To think if this lot had coupled up in the villa, the finals could have been so different.