7 Major 2020 Hair Trends You'll Want To Try

by Lollie King

As the year and the decade come to an end, we look back at the beauty trends that have come and gone over the past 10 years. Thinking about hair, it feels like we've seen just about every style under the sun and, as we dive into the 2020s, we're sure to see even more creative cuts and colours. With that in mind, here are some predictions for 2020 hair trends.

Head of Colour at Charles Worthington Salons Katie Hale tells me that the next few years in hair are "going to be all about subtle but statement-making colour that doesn’t mess around. Soft blondes and vibrant glossy brunettes, punchy reds, and smokey ash hues, these colour trends are here to stay and inspire us all year round." Hale continues: "There are no rules here. It’s about experimenting and unleashing your inner creative." Now that's a trend I can get behind.

Instead of opting for a whole head of colour, which can be a hard task to maintain, you could go for something that requires a little less upkeep like a balyage or a shade that doesn't look too dramatic when the root growth starts kicking in. Hale tells me, "this year we’re looking at fresh new fuss-free hues that mean business. It’s time to embrace washes of colour that require little maintenance but still pack a punch." Low effort glam is looking to be a winner for the new decade. Here's what else we have in store...


Soft Blonde Balyage

The past year or two have been the year of taking a leap to a peroxide blonde, and although that look will live on, in 2020 we will be seeing softer blonde hues and golden tones, especially for those who don't fancy a trip to the salon to retouch every eight weeks. Hale says a way to freshen up blonde hair is by introducing caramel hues, which will give hair "a multidimensional depth" and add volume and texture, giving it "a lift in a subtle but noticeable way." Sunkissed hair all year round? Sign me up.


Vibrant Copper

For a winter glow, Hale tells me "punchy copper reds and warm gingery hues add vibrancy to our look." The staff at Live True London say we should be expecting a variety of copper tones "from pale coral and soft strawberry to deep ginger and vibrant oranges."


Rich Mahogany Highlights

If you're looking to go to the dark side, or just want to refresh your brunette locks, 2020 will see us warming up to rich mahogany. Hale tells me that if you want something a little tamer, opt for tones of hazel and cinnamon, because its time to banish those cool tones. For deeper skin tones, smokey gold highlights or balyage will be the way to go while keeping your roots dark. Thank me later because this is a look.


Shaggy Bobs

While we saw a lot of blunt cuts in the previous decade, in 2020 we're getting rid of the sharp lines in favour of something a little more rugged. The stylists at Live True London tell me "sleek and strong lines will be shattered by soft, texturised layering, whispy face framing and complimented by high-textured and defined styling."


Classic Blue

If you like to stand out from the crowd, your hair could be a great place to start. Pantone's 2020 colour of the year is a classic blue so why not try out icy shades and true blue full dyes?


Natural Curls

According to Instagram’s Beauty Partnerships Lead Kristie Dash, natural hair is set to be one of the biggest trends of 2020. Speaking to Stylist, Dash explained that there is an active community "committed to driving positive conversations around natural hair, and challenge mainstream media perceptions of natural, black hair."

Lucky for us Brits, DevaCurl, the leading cult US curly hair brand, has announced its launching in the UK in mid-January. DevaCurl have been super important in the curly movement and Megan Streeter, DevaCurl's CMO, says: "Your DNA may dictate what hair you have but society shouldn’t dictate how you wear it – so we’re ready to lead the charge to help all curl types look and feel their very best. We believe that your hair is an expression of who you are — and it’s time to champion this."


Root Shadows

As this is the year for low maintenance hair colours, enter root shadows. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to coloured hair is the upkeep and the dreaded root regrowth. Live True London tells me "Root shadows are very similar to root tints but are more blended so that they melt into your hairs overall colour." So this is a great way of transitioning from highlights to balyage.